Request an Interview

One-on-one conversation

Why should you interview with us? While your application gives us a lot of information, a face-to-face conversation helps us learn more about you as an individual. Also, an interview gives you the chance to learn more about Swarthmore. Interviews are not required. You can schedule an interview either on campus or closer to your home, and both options are given equal consideration during the admissions process. 

Applicants who do not interview are not at a disadvantage, and Swarthmore does not practice ‘demonstrated interest’ in its application review process.

On-Campus Interviews

Currently there are no on-campus interviews available, as all spaces have been booked. Request for on-campus interviews will become available again for rising high school seniors in late April 2019.  

Off-Campus Interviews

If you live more than a two-hour drive from our campus or traveling to our campus would be difficult, you can request an off-campus interview with a trained alumni volunteer during the fall of your senior year. The last day to register for an off-campus interview for Fall Early Decision applicants was Nov. 5, 2018. The last day to register for an off-campus interview for Winter Early Decision and Regular Decision applicants was December 3, 2018. Due to high demand, we are not able to accept any further off-campus interview requests for first-year applicants this year.

International Applicants

We accept interviews from InitialView. Please note that these interviews are optional and are not Swarthmore specific.

Transfer Applicants

Information about transfer interviews will be posted in January. We do not offer on-campus interviews for transfer applicants.