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Paying for Swarthmore

We don’t think you should be limited in your educational pursuits because of your family’s income. Our policies reflect that principle.

Meeting full financial need

Swarthmore meets 100 percent of your determined financial need. This means that we add up the costs of attendance (tuition, fees, housing and food, transportation, and personal expenses), determine what your family can reasonably pay (from $0 to total cost of attendance), and provide a financial aid award for the difference between the total cost of attendance and your family’s contribution.

This level of support makes it possible for you to attend Swarthmore for less than the cost of tuition at many state colleges or universities. 

Loan-free financial aid awards

If you receive a financial aid award from Swarthmore, it will be made up of grants (which do not have to be repaid) and the money you earn working a campus job. Some families do choose to take out loans to pay their family contribution.The financial aid awards you receive from other colleges may include a loan component, meaning that part of your financial aid is money you will need to repay. Swarthmore’s financial aid awards do not include loans.  

Learn More

We encourage you to learn more about Swarthmore’s commitment to making the cost of attendance affordable.