Tutoring session

Individual and group tutoring are available at no cost to all students who have demonstrated need for them, and who have used the resources provided through the department. Students may be referred to the tutorial service by a professor or academic advisor. Or, with the exception of those departments listed below, students may apply for a tutor by seeing Mira Baric, Parrish East 108, 610-328-8367 (mbaric1@swarthmore.edu). All tutors are upper-class students who have been recommended by department chairs to serve in this capacity.

How do I ask for help?

To request a tutor, you need to "fill out the Tutee Application [pdf]" form. This can also be done in Parrish East 108.

What happens after I fill out the application?

Once the request is received, the appropriate tutor match will be made and you will be notified by email. Routinely, instructors and advisors are informed of such requests. Students are normally limited to ten hours per semester, but more hours may be approved on request from the instructor.

Are tutors available for all courses?

Yes, with the exceptions below..

In the Sciences, please see one of the following:

Biology: see Philip Kudish, coordinator of the Science Associates (Martin 202) pkudish1@swarthmore.edu

Computer Science: see the Lauri Courtenay, academic support coordinator (Science Center 257) lcourte1@swarthmore.edu

Economics: speak directly with the professor of the course about getting help

Engineering: see Ann Ruether, academic support coordinator (Hicks 307) aruethe1@swarthmore.edu

Mathematics and Statistics: see Danielle Ledford, academic support coordinator (Science Center 136) dledfor1@swarthmore.edu

Physics and Astronomy: see Ann Ruether, academic support coordinator (Hicks 307) aruethe1@swarthmore.edu

Modern Languages:

Chinese: see Kirsten Speidel (Kohlberg 314) kspeide1@swarthmore.edu

Some of the modern languages also offer group tutoring in conversation. See the language section head for times and places to meet.

Remember, all other tutoring requests must go to Mira Baric (Parrish East 108) mbaric1@swarthmore.edu.