Academic Support

Academic support can be accessed through the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs (Liz Derickson), class deans, academic departments (peer mentors, clinics, and review sessions), the Writing Center (Writing Associates), and in the residence halls (Student Academic Mentors). Tutors are arranged through the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or, in some cases, arranged through the individual academic department. No fees are required for any of these services.

For more information on support for students with concussions, please visit our Concussion Team website.

Many resources exist when experiencing a specific academic difficulty. If you are looking for some extra help, please be in touch with one of the people listed below.

Discipline-specific support:

  • Biology: Science Associates Program, Phil Kudish, 610-957-6102
  • Chemistry: Ginger Heck, 610-328-8524
  • Chinese language tutoring: Kirsten Speidel, 610-328-7766
  • Computer Science: Ninjas, Lauri Courtenay, 610-957-6062
  • Economics: your course professor
  • Engineering: Wizards, Ann Ruether, 610-328-8081
  • Japanese language tutoring: Will Gardner, 610-690-6875
  • Mathematics or Statistics: PiRates, Danielle Ledford, 610-328-8445
  • Physics or Astronomy: Ann Ruether, 610-328-8081

General academic support: