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Honors Thesis Productions


R3TURN, A Palestinian Punk-Pop Musical (Playwriting Thesis of Fouad Dakwar '22, Directed by Zaina Dana '21)
Pardesi: or The Belligerent Youth of Something-stan (Playwriting Thesis of Shail Modi '22, Directed by Rohaan Unvala)
Stranger (Solo Performance Thesis of Shail Modi '22, Directed by Alex Torra)


Glare (Acting Capstone of Amaechi Abuah '21, Jack McManus '21 & Josephine Ross '21, Directed by Alex Torra) 
Holiday (Playwriting Thesis of Amaechi Abuah '21, Directed by Vanessa Ogbuehi)
Why Are You Killing Yourself? (Directing Thesis of Zaina Dana '21) 


The Tempest by William Shakespeare (Directing Thesis of Wesley Han '18)


Lonliness at the Foul Line (Solo Performance Thesis by Michaela Shuchman '16)
The Seagull by Anton Chekhov (Directing Thesis of Michelle Johnson '16)


The Imperial House (Dramaturgy Thesis of Nathan Siegel '15, Directed by Rebecca Wright)
Daughters of God and Man (Playwriting Thesis of Patrick Ross '15, Directed by Jill Harrison)
A Pillar of Marble (Dramaturgy Thesis of Amelia Dornbush '15, Directed by Rebecca Wright)
Here in My Garden (Directing Thesis of Patrick Ross '15)
Selves by Jameson Lisak '15 (Solo Performance Thesis, Directed by Jill Harrison)
Mercury Fur (Directing Thesis of Joshua McLucas '15)


The Real World Will Never Arrive (Playwriting Thesis of Sam Swift Shuker-Haines '14)
The Three Musketeers (Acting Thesis of Madeline Charne '14, Katie Goldman '14, Anna Russell (HC) '14, Directed by Anisa George)
Equivocation by Bill Cain (Directing Thesis of Marta Roncada '14)
Lex & Goldaline: A Mirror Fugue in Three Acts (Directing Thesis of Evelyn Swift Shuker '14)
Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie (Directing Thesis of Katie Goldman '14)


The Intense Fragility (Dramaturgy Thesis of Kari Olmon '13, Directed by Walter Bilderback)
ALL-ONE! (Playwriting Thesis of Sophia Naylor '13, Directed by Jill Harrison, Dramaturgy by James Magruder)
The Maids   by Jean Genet (Acting Thesis of Jeannette Leopold '13 and Sophia Naylor '13, Directed by Emmanuelle Delpech)
Burn This (Directing Thesis of Jeannette Leopold '13)
Unstuck (Directing Thesis of Meryl Sands '13)


House of Widows loosely based on Garcia Lorca's play, House of Bernarda Alba (Solo Performance Thesis of Lori Barkin '12, Directed by Rebecca Wright)
The Baltimore Waltz by Paula Vogel (Directing Thesis of Michelle Fennell '12)
American Buffalo by David Mamet (Acting Thesis of Lori Barkin '12, Jessica Cannizzaro '12, and Michelle Fennell '12, Directed by Alex Torra)
Fireside Tales (Dramaturgy Thesis of Jessica Cannizzaro '12, Directed by Adrienne Mackey '04)


Three Tall Women by Edward Albee (Acting Thesis of Eva Amessé '11, Nell Bang-Jensen '11 and Isa St. Clair '11 with Brian Ratcliffe '11, Directed by Sarah Sanford '99)
mlle. adapted from Theophile Gautier's Mademoiselle de Maupin (Dramaturgy Thesis of Isa St. Clair '11, Directed by Rebecca Wright).
Lysistrata by Aristophanes, Translated by Dudley Fitts; Vocal Coaching by Adrienne Mackey '04 (Directing Thesis of Eva Amessé '11).
Happy?  Directed by Rebecca Wright (Playwriting Thesis of Josh Lipman '11).


The Cure at Troy (directed by Niccolo Aeed Moretti '10)
Bodas de Sangre / Blood Wedding (directed by Mcfeely Sam Goodman '10)
An Oresteia (directed by Louis Jargow '10)
The Island (Acting Thesis of Niccolo Moretti '10)
Eats Shoots and Ladders (Playwriting Thesis of M. Sam Goodman '10)


Macbeth (directed by Jacqueline Vitale '09)
Romeo & Juliet (directed by Jackie Avitabile '09; lighting design by Cara Arcuni '09)
The Tempest (acting thesis of Cara Arcuni '09, Jackie Avitabile '09 and Jessie Bear '09; set by Kim Comer '09)
About Face: Marking the Unmarked (conceived, written and performed by Stephen Graf '09; dramaturgy by Jacqueline Vitale '09)
Pop Out (original play by Jessie Bear '09)


Old Times (acting thesis of Rachel Sugar '08)
Mad Girl's Love Song (conceived, written and performed by Rachel Sugar '08)


Bacchai (directed by Katie Van Winkle '07)
The Fishbowl (original play by Anna Belc '07)
All's Well That Ends Well (honors acting thesis of Katie Van Winkle '07)


The Zoo Story (featuring Neal Dandade '06 and Toby David '06)
Mango Chutney on Mesa Street (created and performed by Neal Dandade '06)


Through the Leaves
Everlasting Father: a Religious Fantasy (written and performed Hannah Harvester '05)


Tears of Myrrh (honors directing thesis by Adrienne Mackey '04)
Phaedra's Love
Pilot's Thumb (performed by senior honors acting students Sam Dingman, Felicia Leicht, Adrienne Mackey, and Audrey Pernell)
Hang Tough, Martina (honors thesis project by Audrey Pernell)


Krapp's Last Tape and The War in Heaven
Yerma (directed by Jessica Nakamura '03)


Between Two Worlds (directed by Jon Stancato '02)


Hello & Goodbye (directed by Seth Olshfski '00)


The Water Hen (directed and designed by Michal Zadara '99)
The Knights (directed by Simon Harding '99)


Ivona, Princess of Burgundia