Honors Directing Thesis

Sex! Intrigue! Stuffed bunnies! with Michelle Fennell ('12)'s Honors Directing Thesis of Paula Vogel's THE BALTIMORE WALTZ on Friday, March 30th at 7PM, Saturday, March 31st at 7PM and Sunday, April 1st at 2PM and 7PM in the LPAC Frear Ensemble Theatre. Directed by senior Honors student Michelle Fennell with Alexandra Izdebski, Ben Hattem, and Sam 'Swift' Shuker Haines and scenic design by Eric Verhasselt, costume design by Ryane Disken-Cahill, lighting by David Todaro and sound by Mark Valenzuela.

Written by Paula Vogel in 1988 just after her own brother's death, the play is a farcical envisioning of Anna, a thirty-something spinster and grade school teacher, and her brother Carl's trip to Europe after one of them gets diagnosed with an incurable illness. They, along with Carl's childhood toy named Bunny, try to make the most of their vacation, even when a sinister Third Man enters the picture. Part homage to Vogel's brother, part social commentary, part innuendos, the text is a series of connected and usually comedic vignettes as we tour the stereotyped European countryside.

Will the doctor in Vienna have answers for them? Or is he just in it for the urine samples? Will Anna ever satiate her lust?  And what are Carl and the mysterious Third Man doing with those bunnies?