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Hang Tough, Martina

Honors Thesis Project

Hang Tough, Martina

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The Department of Theater presents an honors thesis project by Audrey Pernell, directed by Vernice Miller as Artist-in-Residence. Hang Tough, Martina is a work in progress composed and performed by Audrey Pernell '04 in collaboration with Vernice Miller and Jessica Nakamura '03. It is an exploration of light-skinned black/biracial black-white identity using a fusion of European and African performance elements, made most evident through the characterization of a contemporary griot-opera-diva.

Please note that there will be no seats per se for this show, so bring a pillow to sit on.

Location: Frear Ensemble Theatre
Dates: February 27, 2004 - February 29, 2004
Times: Saturday at 8 pm, Sunday at 2 pm