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Through the Leaves

Honors Thesis

through the leaves

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"Through the Leaves" will be playing Friday through Sunday, April 22-24, at 8 PM in the Frear Ensemble Theater, Lang Performing Arts Building at Swarthmore College.

The play, written in 1973 by West German playwright Franz Xaver Kroetz and translated by American Roger Downey, features Hannah Harvester and Ben Camp, is stage managed by Phil Katz, has a lighting design by Abby Graber and is directed by K. Elizabeth Stevens.

"Through the Leaves" is an extraordinary, quiet one-act about a female butcher and her love affair with a factory worker. It is an unflinching look at these raw, complex characters, their romantic longings, and their inability to communicate. Kroetz writes with compassion, but without sentiment. The play is a spare, intense look at loneliness and middle age.

Location: Frear Ensemble Theatre
Dates: April 22, 2005 - April 24, 2005