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Honors Playwriting Thesis

Playwriting Happy

The Department of Theater presented the debut of HAPPY?, Honors Playwriting Thesis for Joshua Lipman '11.

Happy is the term we use for fulfillment.
Happy is the emotional state we are supposed to embody.
Happy is the goal.
Happy is the bar against which we measure ourselves.
Happy is the most highly valued and elusive thing on Earth.
Happy is the bright side of a black hole.
Happy is the search for joy in offing yourself.

The performance dates May 2nd and 4th, 2011 in the Frear Ensemble Theater. Directed by guest artist Rebecca Wright. Sound design by Louis Jargow '10, Stage Managed by Julia Cooper '12. With Harry Apostoleris '12, Sebastian Bravo '13, Ryane Disken-Cahill '12, Ben Ellentuck '14, Zach Martin '13, Genevieve McGahey '12, Miriam Rich '11, and Elliot Weiser '13.