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Campus Scholarships

  • Lang Opportunity Scholarship Program - a scholarship and mentorship program offering a diverse range of benefits including a $10,000 grant, a designated adviser, and networking opportunities to support the development of a project that creates a needed social resource in the U.S. or abroad. Applications are open each year to second- and third-year Swarthmore students. Selection criteria include distinguished academic and co-curricular achievement, leadership qualities, and demonstrated commitment to civic and social responsibility. 
  • Academic Division Opportunities -  a $5,500 stipend that allows students to devote a substantial period of time and effort to the pursuit of a creative scholarly project, internship, work, or research leading to thesis, honors, or major project preparation, or immersion in the creative arts during the summer months. The work is intended to substantially expand the research engagement or professional exposure of students. Applications are open to all Swarthmore students, regardless of immigration status, though certain guidelines apply for students without work authorization (see the policy on experiential learning). Please discuss research or internship plans with a faculty member or trusted advisor to ensure that your proposed research project is feasible. 
  • Social Impact Summer Scholarship - financial support for students pursuing unpaid positions with host organizations that empower them to add dimension to their undergraduate coursework while advancing the organization's mission, goals, and objectives. All applicants are required to have a summer funding advising session with a Lang Center Associate or Lang Center staff member before submitting an application through the Lang Center Common App.