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Supplier Classifications

Suppliers are classified as follows:

  1. Strategic Suppliers are long-term , competitively negotiated to streamline the purchase-to-pay process for commonly purchased items and to achieve the best value for the College by consolidating expenditures with fewer suppliers. Examples of strategic suppliers include eMarket Portal suppliers (punch-out and hosted catalogs) and in-house services.
    • Faculty and staff should use Strategic Supplier agreements wherever possible
    • The College actively manages these relationships through regular meetings with suppliers, measurement of key performance indicators, and the follow up on complaints.
  2. Preferred Suppliers are available through group purchasing organizations, consortia, and other contracts. These contracts should be used if strategic suppliers are not able to source the goods and services in question.
  3. Active suppliers have current company information entered into Banner Finance and a W9 on file but has no specified negotiated discounts or special pricing for the College community.
  4. Inactive suppliers have company information entered into Banner Finance but has not been used for a period of 2-years or longer.  There is no current W9 on file.
  5. New suppliers do not have company information entered into Banner Finance, nor is there a W9 on file. A W9 and additional justification will be needed to add this type of supplier to Banner Finance.