Register to Use the eMarket


Allow up to one week for completion of the set-up process.

  1. Check Purchasing Authority and Access. Financial Managers have purchasing authority and are enabled to delegate purchasing access to other Banner users, if appropriate. Using mySwarthmore, check to see if you have have purchasing authority or access to the FOAPAL account needed. Instructions are provided in Purchasing Authority and Access [pdf]. eMarket Portal roles include:
  • Direct purchaser is required to have either purchasing authority or access so purchaser may enter the FOAPAL string on the order.
  • Transfer cart allows user to shop but includes a workflow so the transaction will transfer to the individual with the purchasing authority.
  1. Use the form below to register as an eMarket Portal purchaser or user.
  2. After the set-up process is completed, you will receive an email from the Portal that the application process is completed. Direct questions to Pat Hearty.
  3. Log-on using the eMarket Portal link and single sign-on