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March 1, 2018

  • Swarthmore's Amazon Business account is now open for PCardholders! The account includes institution-wide free Prime shipping and is exempt from PA sales tax. If you don’t currently have access to the account, ask purchasing staff to send an invitation. Keep in mind that the College assigned email address (not a departmental or personal email address) is required. For detailed instructions, please refer to Amazon Business First Time Set-Up Guide [pdf]. (US Communities Contract)
  • Office Depot contracted pricing  is now available to PCardholders at any Office Depot brick-and-mortar store within the United States. The pricing is PA Sales tax exempt and is associated with the College PCard account to insure you receive the best price - either the College's contract price or the store sale price, whichever is lower. (PACC Contract)
  • Stay connected to your PCard! Check out the new Fraud and Alerts Flier [pdf] for details on text messages for charge transactions, declined transactions, credit limit balances, and fraud alerts on your cell phone. Information on international travel is also included in the flyer.
  • Random PCard Audits have begun! The continuous audit will be conducted by the PCard administrator using transactions from the prior month that have been swept. Two randomly selected transactions per week will be audited for timely sign-off, detailed receipt attached, and complete business purpose of expense. Results of the analytics will be shared through PCard Announcements, omitting cardholder names.