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Swarthmore ITS Computer Protection Service

You've arrived here because the website you were trying to reach is reported to be infected with malicious software (e.g., viruses, worms, spyware, etc.) intended to harm your computer and possibly expose private information to theft.

While the site may appear to be safe, it poses a very high risk to your computer and the security of the Swarthmore College network.  The site may have attempted to trick you into revealing a password or downloading a file that would compromise the security of your system.

If you arrived here as a result of clicking on a link in an email, please forward that email to for further analysis.  As described above, the link is attempting to take you to a known malicious web site.

If you believe you arrived here in error or that the website you are trying to reach is not malicious, please contact ITS at so we can verify the website's safety for you.


Swarthmore College ITS collaborates with IT security staff at other higher education institutions and private industry regarding websites known to be infected with malicious software.  This collaboration is intended to protect members of our communities from accessing websites that contain harmful software software. The fact that a website is infected does not necessarily suggest negative intentions from the website owner; websites are very often infected without the knowledge of their owners.