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ITS Summer Jobs

Two student employees at the Help Desk - a picture from the video they created.

Be part of the team - make a difference!  Click here to play video pictured above, showcasing some ITS services - created by the 2014 IT Summer Associates.  Hardware support is no longer available.

ITS Summer Positions Available for Students

When hiring, ITS positions are announced via email to the class list serves and posted in JobX.  Students in need of campus hiring should apply for housing, when applying to work with ITS.  Housing is NOT included with summer employment.  Summer positions are full time, so applicants are expected to be able to work 35 hrs/wk for the full 10-week period.  If applying for more than one job, make sure to indicate which position is your first choice.

Information Technology Associate (Help Desk ITSA)

Are you interested in technology and helping people?  Are you a talented troubleshooter and an empathetic listener.  Do you have the ability to break things down into clear, simple steps, and/or explain technical things in everyday language?  If you answered yes to these questions, then you may be a good candidate for the ITSA position. 

  • Job Overview - A dynamic position, in a team-based environment, that offers challenge, reward, and growth.  ITSAs expand troubleshooting, communication, and tech oriented skills while interacting with a variety of clients, who have a variety of technical devices, questions, and problems - a multi-faceted position as part of the Help Desk team, working with the whole campus community (faculty, staff, and students).  Associates will answer questions and troubleshoot technical problems (including, but not limited to, phones, printers, software, hardware, web applications, networking, and logging into Swarthmore services) in-person, on the phone, and by e-mail.  They will also research and document problem solutions; setup phones, computers, and printers; and participate in creative projects to promote ITS (chance to utilize/expand artistic, graphic, video, and design skills).  ITSAs need to be able to lift and carry equipment weighing up to 50 lbs.
  • Projects – In addition to the day-to-day operations, associates have the opportunity to be part of, or spear head, creative technical projects that may include video, graphic design, instruction, or any other venture that helps promote ITS and ITS services across campus.
  • What’s Needed - Position is for the proactive motivated learner, with excellent written and verbal communication skills, who wants to help people, learn more about technology, has basic understanding of Mac and Windows operating systems and associated software (as well as iOS and Android handheld devices), and wants to be part of a collaborative team.  ITSAs need to have an empathetic understanding of people and tech related challenges.  Knowledge of networking and/or a foreign language is a plus.
  • Expanded Description & Application - on JobX, IT Associate

Computer Replacement Team Associate

  • Job Overview - A team oriented technical position that handles computer replacements across campus.  Associates interact with clients to insure a smooth transition from their old computer to their new one.  Computer replacements include protection, backing up and transfer of data; imaging of new Mac and Windows machines; troubleshooting of problems; set up and delivery of new computer; and recycling of old computer.
  • What’s Needed - Position is for the internally motivated person with excellent time management skills, as well as written and verbal communication skills.  Technical training will build upon existing Mac and windows knowledge.  Candidates need the ability to troubleshoot hardware and software problems, a working knowledge of both macOS 11 or higher, and Windows 10 and higher, and the ability to lift and move equipment weighing up to 50 lbs.
  • Expanded Description & Application - on JobX, Technical Support Associate

Accessibility Remediation Specialist

An Accessibility Remediation Specialist assists the Technology Accessibility Coordinator with various projects.  The person in this position will learn more about how we can make documents, audio files, video files and web pages available to everyone regardless of the tools they use to access that content.  Explore the full description for the Accessibility Remediation Specialist position.