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ITS Faculty-Staff Resources

Below is a list of resources available to faculty and staff - many more resources can be found by going to the ITS website.  To learn more about all of the ITS-related resources available to you, including ITS workshops, Academic Technology, equipment available for loan, and public computing areas, go to

These resources are available to faculty at Swarthmore College.

New Faculty-Staff:

ITS is short for Information Technology Services, which is located in the lower level of Beardsley Hall. To help you find Beardsley Hall, here is the campus map.

Getting assistance

Current Faculty and Staff

Duo 2-Factor Authentication:

For more information about Duo Authentication and enrolling in Duo, go to Swarthmore's Duo documentation.

Swarthmore-Issued Computers and Phones:

  • Swarthmore-issued computers for new Faculty and Instructional Staff:  Your office and lab computing needs are handled through a partnership between your department and ITS.  Please contact your department for information regarding your computer - one may have already been assigned to you.  They can also assist if one needs to be assigned. 
  • Swarthmore-issued computers for new or transferred Exempt and Non-exempt Staff:  All job-related computer requests should go through your department and hiring supervisor - they are responsible for coordinating with ITS to assign you a computer.
  • Computer Replacements:  Most computers are on a 4-year replacement cycle, but may not include computers purchased with department funds.  When your computer is up for replacement, you will receive an email from ITS with details on ordering a new one.  Contact ITS with questions regarding computer replacements.
  • Cisco phones:  Phones extensions and voicemail are assigned through a partnership with the department - and requests and changes should be made by the department or hiring supervisor. We would need to know if you require a new phone, are taking over an existing phone and number, or need a new number added to an existing phone.

Computer Recommendations:

Faculty, and staff wishing to purchase a computer with departmental funds should contact ITS.  For more information about computer recommendations, see our Computer Recommendations guide.

Requesting Access to Resources:

All Faculty and Staff issued a Swarthmore Username and Employee ID number will have access to Swarthmore Gmail, G Suite for Education, mySwarthmore, and LinkedIn Learning online training resources.  Faculty teaching a class will have access to Moodle - access may take up to 24-hours after Swarthmore account creation.  Access to any other online resources, such as Drupal or Departmental folders on Google Drive, need to be requested by the department or hiring supervisor. ITS does not know which additional resources are required by each job.

Email & G Suite for Education:

Swarthmore uses G Suite for Education (formally Google Apps) for email, calendaring, and file storage.  To access your email, go to, and log in with your Swarthmore credentials.  For additional information, see our Google at Swarthmore guide.

Connecting to Wireless:

For information about connecting to wireless, including guest wireless see our Wireless Connection guide.

Online Training with LinkedIn Learning:

For more information about LinkedIn Learning at Swarthmore, go to our LinkedIn Learning knowledgebase article


Departments and many public areas have printers that are available for faculty and staff to use. For more information about what printers are available, where they are located, and how to properly install them, please visit our Printer Installation guide. If you notice any printer malfunctions, please contact the Help Desk. 

Hardware Repair:

For more information about hardware repair, go to our hardware repair knowledgebase article

Ethernet Jack Activation:

By default, ITS activates only one network jack per office to support the Cisco phone, which is then able to provide internet for your computer.  There is a second port on the back of the Cisco phone with a picture of a computer - this is where the ethernet cable for the computer gets plugged in.  If none of the jacks work in your office, contact ITS to request activation.  You will need to provide your office location (building and room), jack wall plate number, and reason for request (type of device).  Computers, phones, and networked printers all require a different type of jack configuration, so may not work if plugged into the wrong jack.  Jack activation requests may take up to 3 work days to complete.  To request jack activation, contact the Help Desk or submit a help request

Resetting Passwords:

Your Swarthmore password will expire and needs to be changed every 180 days.  To change your password, go to - this is the only place where you should change your password.  Then, update it everywhere it was saved on your computer, phone, tablet, etc. Please remember to update your eduroam connection, on all devices you use eduroam, after you change your password.


Never-ever send your password to someone through email, or link attached to an email.  ITS will never ask for your password in an email message.  Only people trying to steal your account information will ask you for your password in an email message.

If you get an email pretending to be from us, or someone else that asks for account login information (user name and password), you should forward it to  For more information about phishing and staying safe online, see our Computer Security guide.


Software listed for Faculty & Staff, on the software download page, is available for use on Swarthmore-purchased computers.   For more information, including download links and install instructions, go to our Software Installation page.

Contacting ITS:

NOTE:  We are currently serving our community remotely.  We will be answering calls and email to the Help Desk and Classroom and Conferencing Technologies during our normal hours.  If we are not able to help you remotely, we will schedule an on-campus appointment.  Please visit for more details.

Quick Tips

  • If your device gets wet, don’t turn it on - let it dry out first (at least 24 hrs) - setting it in uncooked rice also helps.
  • Restarting your device solves many problems - this is also true for applications, web browsers, and network adapters.
  • Report suspicious emails to
  • Department printer not working? Report it to ITS - you can use the self-entry form on the ITS web site (just under the search field on the left-hand side).
  • Want to learn something new or how to do something? LinkedIn Learning is our online training resource with a vast catalogue of tech and business related topics.  You can access it here:, or from the Dash under the “more” tab.
  • Suddenly having a problem logging in to public computers, connecting to mySwarthmore, and email?  Your Swarthmore account may be locked.  You can wait 30 minutes, and then try again - accounts unlock themselves after 30 mins. If you need your account unlocked immediately (during business hours), please contact the Help Desk.
  • If your password keeps getting locked, you may have an old or wrong password saved somewhere: email application, web browser, phone or tablet.  If you have a Windows machine, it may be saved in your Credential Manager.  On a Mac, it could be in your keychain.
  • Is your web browser slow, crashing, or having problems connecting to a site?  Try updating it, its plug-ins, and clearing the cache.  To clear the cache, delete its history - it’s best to delete all of the history.    
  • To protect your computer, make sure to keep your operating system and anti-virus software up-to-date.  Also, use the newest versions of the following software: Adobe Reader, Flash, Java, and Web Browsers.