Reunion Committee Information

Alumni outside of Parrish Hall during Alumni Weekend

The Reunion Committee: How It Works

Reunion committee volunteers plan and execute specific aspects of their reunion in support of Swarthmore College and their class. Working closely with each other, committees choose a chair or co-chairs who coordinate tasks and monitor progress. Members take on one or more of the roles described below. From the initial kickoff conference call in September through Alumni Weekend celebrations, committee volunteers collaborate to determine priorities in order to strategically achieve class goals and shape the unique experience of their reunion, with staff guidance. All reunion volunteers are asked to support The Swarthmore Fund by giving a gift of any size that is meaningful to them.

Class Agents

Class agents are responsible for the reunion year fundraising. They write two class letters and develop a fundraising outreach plan to personally contact class members to encourage giving in order to meet class goals. They also receive regular giving updates from staff.

Activity Planners

Activity planners craft their reunion experience through their decisions and efforts. They develop a communications plan to personally contact classmates to invite them to reunion. Encouraging attendance makes a remarkable difference in reunion turnout. Activity planners can also do things such as bring memorabilia to the class reception, identify hosts for their class reception, plan a class memorial, and recommend reunion programming.