LLS Past NYC Courses

Fall 2004
Homeric Models of Heroism (102NY), Gil Rose

Spring 2005
Bach: Music, Politics, Religion (111NY), Michael Marissen
Making Trouble: The Modernist Revolution (118NY),
Philip Weinstein

Fall 2005
Power and Moral Leadership in Islamic History (121NY),
Stephen Bensch

Spring 2006
The Athenian Golden Age (109NY), Gil Rose

Spring 2007
An Introduction to Art History (123NY), Michael Cothren
Faulkner/Morrison (129NY), Philip Weinstein
Utopia On and Off Broadway (130NY), Bob Weinberg

Fall 2007
Homer to Virgil (134NY), Gil Rose

Spring 2008
Why We Get Sick . . . or Don’t (122NY),
Amy Cheng Vollmer
Tolstoy and Dostoevsky (117NY), Thompson Bradley

Fall 2008
Mozart: Musician, Social Critic, Religious Thinker, Humorist (125NY), Michael Marissen

Spring 2009
Living Lightly on the Earth (141NY), Carr Everbach
The Russian Short Story (128NY), Thompson Bradley

Fall 2009
Behavioral Economics (127NY), Ellen Magenheim

Spring 2010
Michaelangelo and His Times (146NY), T. Kaori Kitoa
A Century of American Short Stories (147NY), Philip Weinstein

Fall 2010
Homeric Models of Heroism (102NY), Gil Rose

Spring 2011
Tolstoy’s War and Peace (LLS 144NY), Thompson Bradley

Fall 2011
Relativity, Spacetime and Gravity (LLS 148NY), John Boccio

Spring 2012
James Joyce’s Ulysses (LLS 155NY), Philip Weinstein

Fall 2012
Unruly Passion: Eros in Classical Literature (LLS 156NY), Gil Rose

Spring 2013
Proust: In Search of Lost Time (LLS 159NY), Philip Weinstein
The Italian Renaissance (LLS 160NY), Robert DuPlessis

Fall 2013
The Magic Mountain and The Tin Drum (LLS 163NY), Hansjakob Werlen

Spring 2014
How We Decide (LLS 165NY), Barry Schwartz
Chekhov and Russian Drama (LLS 161NY), Thompson Bradley

Fall 2014
Beethoven (LLS 166NY), Thomas Whitman

Spring 2015
The American Civil War (LLS 168NY), Bruce Dorsey

Fall 2015
Goethe and His Time (LLS 170NY), Hansjakob Werlen

Spring 2016
History and Fiction (LLS 172NY), Robert DuPlessis

Fall 2016
Bach (LLS 111NY), Michael Marissen

Spring 2017
Mathematics in Nature and Human Experience (LLS 140NY), Deb Bergstrand

Fall 2017
Sophocles (LLS 178NY), Gil Rose

Spring 2018
Technological Change and Society (LLS 180NY), John Caskey