Lifelong Learning Past On-Campus Courses

Winter 2002
Aristotle, Galileo, and Einstein (101), John Boccio
Homeric Models of Heroism (102), Gil Rose

Fall 2002
As Imagination Bodies Forth: English Classics from
Beowulf to Twelfth Night (105), Craig Williamson

Winter 2003
The Quest for Truth, Social Justice, and the Moral Life in Russian Literature (107), Thompson Bradley

Fall 2003
Empire and America (108), James Kurth
The Athenian Golden Age (109), Gil Rose

Spring 2004
Moral Reasoning and Human Happiness (110),
Kenneth Sharpe
Bach: Music, Politics, Religion (111), Michael Marissen

Fall 2004
America at War (112), James Kurth
Shakespeare (113), Craig Williamson
The New Embryology (115), Scott Gilbert

Spring 2005
The Earth and Its Climate (116), Peter Collings
Tolstoy and Dostoevsky (117), Thompson Bradley

Fall 2005
Law and Economics (119), Mark Kuperberg
Vergil and Ovid (120), Gil Rose

Spring 2006
Why We Get Sick-Or Don't (122), Amy Vollmer
An Introduction to Art History (123), Michael Cothren

Fall 2006
In Search of Reality (124), John Boccio
Mozart: Musician, Social Critic, Religious
Thinker, Humorist (125), Michael Marissen

Spring 2007
Behavioral Economics (127), Ellen Magenheim
The Russian Short Story (128), Thompson Bradley

Fall 2007
Tolkien’s Fiction and Its Roots (131), Craig Williamson
America and Islam (132), James Kurth

Spring 2008
The 2008 Presidential Election (135), Rick Valelly '75
Pyramids, Temples, and Cathedrals: Ancient and Medieval
Art and Architecture (136), Michael Cothren

Fall 2008
Self-Interest and Society (138), Mark Kuperberg

Spring 2009
The U.S. Presidency (139), Rick Valelly
Mathematics in Nature and Human Experience (140), Deb Bergstrand
Making Trouble: The Modernist Revolution (118), Philip Weinstein

Fall 2009
The Politics of Great Depressions (141), James Kurth
The Trojan War in Homer, Greek Drama, and Film (142), Gil Rose

Spring 2010
Paleobiology: What Came Before and How We Know (143), Rachel Merz
Tolstoy's War and Peace (144), Thompson Bradley
The Drawing Studio (145), Randall Exon

Fall 2010
Relativity, Spacetime and Gravity (148), John Boccio
America at War (112), James Kurth

Spring 2011
A Century of American Short Stories (LLS 147), Philip Weinstein

Fall 2011
The Great Recession (LLS 150), Mark Kuperberg

Spring 2012
Renaissance and Baroque in European Art (LLS 153), Michael Cothren
Murder, Madness, Insurrection: Tragic Schism in Russian Society (LLS 154), Thompson Bradley

Fall 2012
Chaos, Fractals, and Complexity (LLS 157), John Boccio

Spring 2013
Russian Drama (LLS 161), Thompson Bradley

Fall 2013
The American City (LLS 162), John Caskey

Spring 2014
Lincoln and Slavery (LLS 164), Rick Valelly '75

Spring 2015
Behavioral Economics (LLS127), Ellen Magenheim

Fall 2015
Science under Attack (LLS 169), Deb Bergstrand, Peter Collings, Scott Gilbert

Spring 2016
Jane Austen (LLS 171), Betsy Bolton

Fall 2016
Education in America (LLS 173), Mark Kuperberg