Alumni Council Nominations

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The Alumni Council nominating committee welcomes all suggestions for candidates. The committee considers many factors in selecting new members, including geographic location, graduation year, and a demonstrated, ongoing interest in the College through volunteer service, participation in College-sponsored activities, and a consistent record of giving. Volunteer participation in other organizations is also of interest to the nominating committee.

To nominate a person for consideration, please send the following information to Lisa Shafer at Candidate's name, class year, and why you feel this person would be a good addition to the Alumni Council. (Nominations for the 2018-2019 academic year were due by October 2, 2017.)

The new members we will welcome for the Fall 2018 - Spring 2021 term are:

Joseph Becker '66 (PA), Geoff Cline '96 (NE), Robert Cushman '71 (TN), Petrina Dawson '76 (VA), Mike Dennis '93 (OR), Sampriti Ganguli '95 (VA), Christine Kim '17 (NY), Patricia Scholz-Cohen '85 (NH), Stephen Schwartz '84 (OH), Riana Shah '14 (CA), Kimberly St. Julian '12 (TX), and Sean Wright '96 (PA).

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Thanks to all 1,560 alumni who voted on this slate of candidates. They were all voted in, each receiving an approval rating of 97+%.


Nominating Committee

David Ko '92, nominating chair and immediate past president
Christen Boas Hayes '16
Susan Corcoran '72
Peter Jaquette '74
Ethan Landis '84