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Writing Associates Program


The Writing Associates Program at Swarthmore College has been helping students become better writers for over 25 years. Our goals are:

  • To work with student writers at all stages of the writing process and in all disciplines.
  • To provide feedback and strategies designed to help student writers with the larger questions of structure, organization, style, and argument as well as the smaller issues of sentence clarity and grammar.
  • To talk with student writers about their writing and thinking processes in order to develop the analytical skills, stylistic know-how, and confidence necessary for successful college writing.
  • To provide student writers with strategies that they can apply to their own writing and revision process.
  • To develop in our WAs skills and the ethical intelligence necessary to function as citizen teachers after leaving the college.

We pursue these goals in a variety of ways:

If you have a comment or question about the WA Program please email us.