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Course WA Program

Professors often request Course WAs to work with students enrolled in particular classes. Throughout the semester, the WA collaborates with the professor and the students in the class on writing assignments. Students benefit from working with a WA who becomes familiar with their writing assignments, their persistent problems, and the progress they make throughout the semester.

Course WAs are trained to help students with formation of their written argument, organization of ideas, and sentence level issues of grammar or clarity. An attempt is made to place Course WAs in classes that they have taken, because their familiarity with the expectations of the professor and the writing assignments of the course is useful in guiding students. However, some professors request WAs who are not familiar with the course content so that the focus can be on improving the student's overall writing ability. In either case, WAs are not TAs or graders and therefore are not responsible for clarifying or correcting the content of the paper. 

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