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Faculty Resources

I want my students to engage in meaningful peer review before turning writing in to me.
  • Request a Course WA (Writing Associate fellow) from Alba Newmann Holmes, Director of the Writing Associates Program
  • Request an in-class peer review workshop, facilitated by a Writing Associate fellow
  • Attend a faculty workshop on facilitating peer review in your classes
I have a student who is struggling with writing.
  • Encourage your student to make an appointment in the Writing Center (Trotter 120)
  • Let your student know about the Writing Associate Mentor (WAM) Program
  • Reach out to the Academic Deans, who may refer your student for individual support to:
I want to develop strategies for working with multilingual students.
I want my students to give presentations or learn how to lead discussion.
  • Request a Speaking Associate (SPA) from the Director of the Writing Associates Program, Alba Newmann Holmes
  • Encourage your students to make a SPA appointment in the Writing Center
  • Request an in-class workshop facilitated by a SPA
I have a student who would like to gain experience with writing in a variety of disciplines.
  • Encourage your first-year students to take:
  • Encourage your more advanced students to take:
    • Visual Rhetoric and Multimodal Writing: Making Arguments with Image, Text and Sound (ENGL 002V)
    • Words Matter: Crafting and Critiquing Rhetorically Effective Styles (ENGL 002W)
  • Nominate students to become Writing Associate fellows. Those selected will take Writing Pedagogy (ENGL 001C)
With regards to my teaching . . .
With regards to my own writing . . .
  • Participate in the Faculty Study Hall, sponsored by the Provost's office
  • Join the WA Program for a Community Write-In
  • Let Alba Newmann Holmes know if you are interested in becoming part of a faculty writing group


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