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Writing and Rhetoric Courses

In pursuing excellence in written and spoken communication, Swarthmore College offers several courses in Writing and Rhetoric. These courses primarily focus on developing the craft of writing, teaching students to adjust their writing for different rhetorical situations through consideration of audience. All Writing and Rhetoric courses are taught by Professor Jill GladsteinProfessor Alba Newmann Holmes, and Professor Natalie Mera Ford

Fall 2019
English 1F. FYS: Transitions to College Writing
English 1C. Writing Pedagogy

Other Courses Offered:

English 1G. Writing with Genres

English 1H. Insights into Argument and Research Writing Across the Disciplines

English 2A. Argument and Rhetoric Across the Disciplines

English 2M. Medical Writing and Rhetoric 

English 2V. Visual Rhetorics and Digital Writing: Making arguments with image, text and sound

English 3A. Independent Study and Directed Reading in Writing Studies