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Current Writing Associate Fellows


Picture of Abby Houlihan

Abby Houlihan '25

Psychology Major


Picture of Alivia Johnston

Alivia Johnston '26

English Literature & Educational Studies Majors


Picture of Angelina Heminway

Angelina Heminway '26

Neuroscience Major/ English Literature Minor

Picture of Annabel Zhao

Annabel Zhao '24

Lead Fellow

German Major


Picture of Arianna Mosqueda

Arianna Mosqueda '25

Latin American Studies & Dance Majors


Picture of Ashley Huang

Ashley Huang '24

Economics & Art History Majors

Picture of Ava Golde

Ava Golde '26

History & Spanish Majors


Picture of Avi Berman

Avi Berman '26

Educational Studies Major


Picture of Bethany Winters

Bethany Winters '24

Religion & Spanish Majors


Picture of Billy (Cheng-Yen) Wu

Billy (Cheng-Yen) Wu '26

Sociology and Peace  & Conflicts Majors

Picture of Brandon Archer

Brandon Archer '25

English Literature & Black Studies  Majors


Picture of Brandon Daniel-Morales

Brandon Daniel-Morales '24

English Literature & Educational Studies Majors


Picture of Brooke Bothner

Brooke Bothner '26

Political Science & Economics Majors


Picture of Carolin Obispo

Carolin Obispo '26

Sociology & History Majors


Picture of Carolina Lopez

Carolina Lopez '25

Studio Art & Educational Studies Majors


Picture of Carrie Ryter

Carrie Ryter '25

Honors Educational Studies Major/Honors Psychology Minor


Picture of Charisma Hasan

Charisma Hasan '24

Philosophy & Neuroscience Majors


Picture of Charlie Salinas

Charlie Salinas '25

Spanish & Neuroscience Majors


Picture of Chelsea Weisenfeld

Chelsea Weisenfeld '26

Comparative Literature & Cognitive Science Majors


Picture of Chloe Kanemaru

Chloe Kanemaru '26

English Literature Major

Picture of Drake Roth

Drake Roth '25

English Literature & Physics Majors


Picture of Ell Rose

Ell Rose '24

Lead Fellow

Political Science & Educational Studies Majors

Picture of Emily Kerimian

Emily Kerimian '25

Environmental Science Studies Major/German Minor


Picture of Finn Verdonk

Finn Verdonk '26

Dance & Linguistics Majors

Picture of Francesca Cantor

Francesca Cantor '25

Mathematics Major/ History & Spanish Minors

Picture of Gian Zaninelli

GianLuigi Zaninelli '25

Political Science Major / History Major

Picture of Immaculata Daikpor

Immaculata Daikpor '24

Lead Fellow

Honors Political Science Major/ Honors Psychology Minor

Picture of Isabella Fan

Isabella Fan '25

Mathematics and German Majors

Picture of Joey Driscoll

Joey Driscoll '26

Educational Studies & Lingustics Major

Picture of Jonah Pacis

Jonah Pacis '25

Computational Biology Special Major

Picture of Jordyn Bernard

Jordyn Bernard '25

Lead Fellow

Urban Studies Special Major

Picture of Joseph Petchauer

Joseph Petchauer '24

Latin & History Major

Picture of Kate Carlyle

Kate Carlyle '24

Linguistics & Language (Spanish & French) Majors

Picture of Katherine Kihiczak

Katherine Kihiczak '25

Comparative Literature Major

Picture of Katie (Se Eun) Ryu

Katie (Se Eun) Ryu '25

Environmental Studies & English Literature Majors

Picture of Kevin (Zhe) Meng

Kevin (Zhe) Meng '24

Political Science Major/Educational Studies Minor

Picture of Kyra Roepke

Kyra Roepke '24

Lead Fellow

Biochemistry & Linguistics Majors

Picture of Lena Habtu

Lena Habtu '26

Sociology/Political Sociology & Arabic Majors

Picture of Leo Castillo

Leo Castillo '24

Economics Major

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Leo Rosaz Shariyf '25

Psychology & Educational Studies Major

Picture of Max Steuer

Max Steuer '26

Classical Studies Major

Picture of Miles Dyke

Miles Dyke '24

Mathematics Major/ Computer Science Minor

Picture of Milla Ben-Ezra

Milla Ben-Ezra '26

English Literature Major

Picture of Ming Gao

Ming Gao '26

Engineering Major / Music Minor

Picture of Nick Urick

Nick Urick '24

Honors Peace & Conflict and Arabic Studies Major

Picture of Nina Zhuo

Nina Zhuo '24

English Literature & Computer Science Majors

Picture of Noah Sandfort

Noah Sandfort '25

Honors Political Science & Economics Major

Picture of Noor Ahmed

Noor Ahmed '26

Economics Major

Picture of Nzana Thillot

Nzana Thillot '25

Lead Fellow

Medical Anthropology & English Literature Majors

Picture of Peter (Bite) Qiu

Peter (Bite) Qiu '24

Psychology & English Literature Majors

Picture of Reni Esan

Reni Esan '24

English Literature Major

Picture of Rose Gotlieb

Rose Gotlieb '24

Philosophy Major/Political Science Minor

Picture of Sarah Cymrot

Sarah Cymrot '27

Medical Anthropology Special Major

Picture of Seth Jeter

Seth Jeter '25

Economics Major/ English Literature & History Minors

Picture of Shamsa Belgrave

Shamsa Belgrave '26

Peace & Conflict and Political Science Majors

Picture of Sky Park

Sky Park '24

Political Science and Economics Major

Picture of Spencer McQuaig

Spencer McQuaig '25

English Literature and Art History Majors

Picture of Tate Garcia

Tate Garcia '25

Neuroscience Major

Picture of Tiffany Jiang

Tiffany (Tianyi) Jiang '25

Economics and Mathematics Majors

Picture of Zoe Sperduto

Zoe Sperduto '26

Engineering Major / Educational Studies Minor