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Current Writing Associate Fellows


Abby Houlihan

Abby Houlihan '25

Psychology / Art History Prospective Major


Adria Retter

Adria Retter '23

Lead Fellow

Mathematics and Computer Science Major


Alina Palacios

Alina Palacios '23

Computer Science and Environmental Studies Major

Annabel Zhao

Annabel Zhao '24

Lead Fellow

German and Neuroscience Major


Anoushka Narendra

Anoushka Narendra '24

English Literature and Educational Studies Major


Ashley Huang

Ashley Huang '24

Economics and Art History Major

Best Chantanapongvanij

Best Chantanapongvanij '23

Lead Fellow

English Literature Major / Computer Science Minor


Bethany Winters

Bethany Winters '24

Relgion and Spanish Major


Brandon Archer

Brandon Archer '25

Black Studies & English Literature Special Major


Brandon Daniel-Morales

Brandon Daniel-Morales '24

English Literature & Educational Studies Special Major

Carolina Lopez

Carolina Lopez '25

Studio Art / Psychology Prospective Major


Carrie Ryter

Carrie Ryter '25

Educational Studies and Psychology Major


Cat Crochunis-Brown

Cat Crochunis-Brown '23

English Literature Major / French & Francophone Studies and Educational Studies Minor


Charisma Hasan

Charisma Hasan '24

Philosophy and Neuroscience Major


Charles Salinas

Charles Salinas '25

Neuroscience and Spanish Major


Chloe Van Steertegem

Chloe Van Steertegem '23

Philosophy Major / French Minor


Clare D'Amato

Clare D'Amato '23

Peace & Conflict Studies Major / Spanish Minor


Ell Rose

Ell Rose '24

Lead Fellow

Political Science and Educational Studies Major / Linguistics Minor


Emily Kerimian

Emily Kerimian '25

Environmental Studies and Film & Media Studies Major


Emma Klein

Emma Klein '23

Lead Fellow

Political Science Major / Economics Minor

Francesca Cantor

Francesca Cantor '25

Mathematics Major


Gian Zaninelli

Gian Luigi Zaninelli '23

History Major

Grace Sewell

Grace Sewell '23

Russian Major


Immaculata Daikpor

Immaculata Daikpor '24

Lead Fellow

Political Science and Psychology Major

Isabella Fan

Isabella Fan '25

Linguistics / Educational Studies Prospective Major

Jake Rothman

Jacob Rothman '23

English Literature Major

Jonah Pacis

Jonah Pacis '25

Biology and Computer Science Major

Jordyn Bernard

Jordyn Bernard '25

Urban Studies Special Major

Jospeh Petchauer

Joseph Petchauer '24

Classics and History Major

Joshua De Leon

Joshua De Leon '24

English Literature and History Major

Kate Carlyle

Kate Carlyle '24

Linguistics & Languages Special Major

Katherine Kihiczak

Katherine Kihiczak '25

Comparative Literature and Linguistics Major

Katie Ryu

Katie (Se Eun) Ryu '25

English Literature and Environmental Studies Major

Kevin Meng

Kevin (Zhe) Meng '25

Political Science Major

Kyra Roepke

Kyra Roepke '24

Lead Fellow

Biochemistry and Linguistics Major

Lauren Park

Lauren Park '24

French & Francophone Studies and Music Major

Leo Castillo

Leo Castillo '24

Economics and Sociology & Anthropology Major

Lisa Garcia

Lisa Garcia '23

Lead Fellow

Sociology & Anthropology Major / Spanish Minor

Maria Quiroz

Maria Quiroz '23

Computer Science Major

Miles Dyke

Miles Dyke '23

Mathematics Major

Nathan Nyugen

Nathan Nguyen '25

Engineering and Computer Science Major

Neil Steinglass

Neil Steinglass '23

Theater & Jewish Studies Major

Nick Urick

Nicolas Urick '24

Peace & Conflict Studies and Arabic Language & Literature Major

Nina Zhuo

Nina Zhuo '25

English Literature / Computer Science Prospective Major

Nora Jorgensen

Nora Jorgensen '25

English Literature Major

Nzana Thillot

Nzana Thillot '25

English Literature and Medical Anthropology Major

Peter Qiu

Peter (Bite) Qiu '24

Psychology and English Literature Major

Reni Esan

Reni Esan '23

Film, Anthropology, and English Major

Rose Gotlieb

Rose Gotlieb '24

Philosophy Major

Simon Herz

Simon Herz '23

English Literature Major

Sky Park

Sky Park '24

Lead Fellow

Political Science and Economics Major

Spencer McQuaig

Spencer McQuaig '25

Art History and English Literature Major

Tarang Saluja

Tarang Saluja '23

Computer Science Major/Philosophy and Math Minor

Tiffany Jiang

Tiffany (Tianyi) Jiang '24

Economics and Mathematics Major