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The writing workshops sponsored by the Writing Associates Program aim to explore in depth a range of topics that are relevant to writing at Swarthmore. Led by Writing Associates, workshops are a fun, informal place for students to learn about particular aspects of writing. Examples of workshops are listed below. We encourage faculty and students with suggestions for workshops to email us.

Getting Started

This workshop focuses on the early stages of the writing process, covering topics such as understanding assignments, generating ideas, reading critically, brainstorming, freewriting, outlining, and developing theses.

What's Your Thesis?

It's the question you'll hear most often if you work with a Writing Associate: "What is your thesis?" Find out what makes a good thesis, how to use your thesis to structure your paper, and how to revise your thesis as you write.

Where's Your Evidence?

A workshop that focuses on mobilizing evidence, using quotations, avoiding plagiarism, and supporting what you say.

Good Grammar

Learn the conventions that make your paper clear, readable, and elegant. Like it or not, readers will usually judge you on your grammar.

Senior Thesis Workshop

What's different when your paper is six times longer than you're used to? Learn the best research, planning and writing techniques from people who've been there.

Writing in the Natural Sciences

Learn about style, argumentation, and evidence as they pertain to papers and laboratory reports in the Natural Sciences.