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Using WAs with a course

Faculty guidelines for using WAs with their course


Adapt your syllabus to allow for the revision process 

  • Set two due dates for every assignment that involves the WA with a minimum of 7-10 days between the first and second due date

  • Collect first drafts from students and have them sign-up for a conference with the WA  

  • Collect both the “WA copy” and the revised draft on the second due date

Meet with the WAs at the beginning of the semester to discuss expectations for their work with your course

  • Discuss assignment due dates

  • Discuss your assignments and expectations for them

  • Discuss logistics such as conference sign-ups

  • Share your concerns about student writing and if there is anything in particular you would like the WAs to focus on when looking at the students’ papers

Allow WAs to come to class before the first round of papers to introduce themselves 

  • Set-up a time for WAs to come to your class so that students recognize WAs when coming for a conference

  • WAs will share their guidelines for conferencing

Meet with the WAs after the first round of papers to share your insights on the student papers

  • Share feedback on how WAs responded to papers

  • Share overall impression of student writing

  • Discuss discrepancies between your evaluation and the WAs’

Meet with WAs to discuss assignments

  • Dialogue with WAs about how students engaged with your assignments

Stay in contact with WAs about upcoming deadlines, conferences, etc.

  • Inform students of changed or upcoming due dates

  • Make sure WAs are clear about the expectations of an assignment

Provide time at the end of the semester for you and your students to evaluate and provide feedback for the WAs

  • Allow students to fill out feedback form. This should take 15 minutes out of your class time.

  • Meet with WAs to provide feedback on what worked well and what can be improved.