Spring 2018 Course WA Assignments

Course WAs are grouped by their course assignment. Each WA's name, email, and conference location are listed.

ANTH 9C (Ghannam)
Name E-mail Location
Sam Goins               sgoins1@swarthmore.edu    Sci 199 Lounge         
Sangeeta Subedi ssubedi1@swarthmore.edu Trotter 3rd Floor 
Biol 2 (clemens)
Name E-mail Location
Sajal Akkipeddi    sakkipe1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors 
Naomi Bronkema  nbronke1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors
Calvin Chan cchan3@swarthmore.edu Cornell Basement 
Libby Hoffenberg lhoffen1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Rachel Hottle  rhottle1@swarthmore.edu Sci Center Commons
Marion Kudla mkudla1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors 
Jonah Langlieb jlangli1@swarthmore.edu Trotter 3rd Floor 
Sophia Moody smoody1@swarthmore.edu Cornell Basement
Rebecca Rosenthal  rrosent2@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Anthony Velleca avellec1@swarthmore.edu Trotter 3rd Floor 
Seetha Davis  sdavis4@swarthmore.edu Sci Center Commons
Fran Reckers frecker1@swarthmore.edu Parrish/Shane
Rebecca Zhou rzhou1@swarthmore.edu Trotter 3rd Floor
EDUC 14 (bradley)
Name E-mail Location
Jonathan Hamel-Sellman hamels1@swarthmore.edu                Trotter 3rd Floor                     
Taylor Tucker ttucker3@swarthmore.edu Black Cultural Center
educ 14 (liu) 
Name E-mail Location
Maya Kikuchi         mkikuch1@swarthmore.edu LPAC 2nd Lounge     
Ava Shafiei ashafie1@swarthmore.edu Shane Lounge
engl 9m (McLaughlin)
Name E-mail Location
Ana Curtis               acurtis1@swarthmore.edu 

Shane Lounge          

Jacky Ye jye2@swarthmore.edu Trotter 1st Floor
Fren 15 (Gueydan-Turek)
Name E-mail Location
Marisa Mancini              mmancin2@swarthmore.edu  Kohlberg Coffee Bar   
hist 1U (Brown)
Name E-mail Location
Cal Barnett-Mayott  cbarnet2@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg 2nd Floor
Colette Gerstmann cgerstm1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Ling 90 (gasser)
 Name E-mail Location

Michael Broughton         

mbrough1@swarthmore.edu                Kohlberg Coffee Bar         
Melanie Kleid   mkleid1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg 2nd Floor
Musi 23 (Milewski)
Name E-mail Location
Andrew Kim                        jkim14@swarthmore.edu                               Science Center Commons
PEAC 43 (Atshan)
Name E-mail Location
Nico Aldaco               naldaco1@swarthmore.edu            Trotter 3rd Floor
Henrik Liu hliu1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Hamzah Qureshi hquresh1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg/Parrish
Kerry Sonia  ksonia1@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors 
Mark Fallati mfallat1@swarthmore.edu Shane Lounge
PHIl 1 (baumann)


Cindy Lim                   slim1@swarthmore.edu                    Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Kayla Sembly    ksembly1@swarthmore.edu Trotter 2nd Floor
Phil 1 (Hopkins)
Name E-mail Location
Janice Luo                                             jluo1@swarthmore.edu                                                                           McCabe 1st Floor                      
PHIL 3 (Baumann)
Name E-mail Location
John Fan                                      zfan1@swarthmore.edu                                                  Kohlberg Coffee Bar                  
Kyrstyn Ong kong1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
PSYC 25 (blanchar)
Name E-mail Location
Kenny Bransdorf               kbransd1@swarthmore.edu                       Kohlberg Coffee Bar       
Jeff Tse jtse1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
psyc 25 (payne)
Name E-mail Location
Griffin Kammerer      gkammer1@swarthmore.edu       Kohlberg 3rd Chairs
Relg 8 (hopkins)
Name E-mail Location
John Calia                   jcalia1@swarthmore.edu                    Sci Center Commons
Laura Chen lchen5@swarthmore.edu Parrish Parlors/Shane
Veronica Douglin vdougli1@swarthmore.edu Sci Center Commons
Tamara Matheson tmathes1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
Becky Tang  btang1@swarthmore.edu Sci Center Commons
RELG 8 (Baumann)
Name E-mail Location
Sagnik Gayen        sgayen1@swarthmore.edu          Shane Lounge        
RUss 53 (Vergara)
Name E-mail Location
Alex Ye                   aye1@swarthmore.edu                 Kohlberg Coffee Bar
SPAN 8 (Rodriquez)
Name E-mail Location
Mishel Figueroa      mfiguer1@swarthmore.edu             Kohlberg Coffee Bar
SPAN 12 (Buiza/Colon Rodriguez)
Name E-mail Location
Maria Castaneda        mcastan1@swarthmore.edu                    Kohlberg Coffee Bar      
Emma Haviland-Blunk  ehavila1@swarthmore.edu Kohlberg Coffee Bar
span 23 (RODRIGUEZ)
Name E-mail Location
Naomi Caldwell                       ncaldwe1@swarthmore.edu                                     Parrish Parlors                        
Paige Dider pdidier1@swarthmore.edu                      Shane Lounge
Alexis Riddick ariddic1@swarthmore.edu Shane Lounge
Bret Serbin                                   bserbin1@swarthmore.edu                                                  Chairs outside of Kohlberg 330