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Talk all night!

The Phonathon Callers

Emily Nolte busy at workEmily Nolte, senior
Biology, film & media studies, women's studies
Houston, Tex.

"I look for something that might be interesting to talk to alumni about. It could be their jobs, their majors, where they live - especially if they are fellow Texans. One of my best calling nights ever was the night we reached the campaign goal. Three of us stayed late to call the West Coast, and I had a call with a pledge of $20,000!"

Eleanor Joseph, senior
History and economics
Bronx, NY

"I decided to take the job because a friend of mine said it was interesting and fun to speak with alumni, incentives were awarded, and she thought I'd be good at it. Alums will tailor their questions to the student. They'll ask freshman if they like their roommate, or they'll ask seniors if they're doing honors. I've always enjoyed speaking with alumni about whatever 'part' of Swarthmore I'm experiencing."