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Helpful Tips For Your Job Search

The Student Employment Offices does not place students in campus positions, but rather provides resources, information, and support during the job search. There are various events and tools to help you find a position that fits your skills and interests, and we encourage you to keep these helpful tips in mind as you search: 

  • Do not hesitate to apply for positions outside your academic interests or experience. Many positions, such as Office Assistants, require no previous experience with the department. So broaden your horizons and apply anywhere!
  • Talk to the professors that teach your classes, RAs, coaches or Orientation Leaders for ideas about open positions
  • Apply early in the semester, when jobs are more readily available. If you wait to apply, you may find it more difficult to find a job that fits your schedule and interests.
  • Be creative. Look outside areas that you are familiar with. Try academic departments that you may not have any classes in. Remember, you can work anywhere!