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Get Paid to Party?

Olatokunbo 'Toks'Adegboro '09

Olatokunbo 'Toks'Adegboro '09
Berkeley, Il.

"My freshman year, I was chatting with an upperclassman about a social dilemma I was facing. I told her about how I didn't go to parties because I don't drink. That upperclassman happened to be Sheveen Green '07, the party associate (PA) coordinator, and she suggested that I become a PA.

"PAs are students who are trained and paid by the College to check IDs and contact campus Public Safety if needed. As a PA, I have a flexible schedule and usually work one event a week, which lasts about four hours. I have the best job on campus because I get paid to go to parties and chill with friends, and I don't have to worry about not drinking (since it's not allowed when working)."