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Opportunities Requiring Work Authorization or Travel Documentation

Work Authorization - Residential Advisors, Peer Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and Student Academic Mentors and all positions posted on JobX require work authorization. These positions are open to DACAmented students.

Experiential Learning Opportunities - All students, regardless of immigration status, are eligible to participate in opportunities funded through the College as long as the opportunity is primarily for the benefit of the student’s education, professional growth, or training. While the College cannot fund undocumented students to undertake research for a Swarthmore faculty member’s benefit, students are eligible for experiential learning fellowships to undertake unpaid research at other institutions. Contact the Sanctuary Committee or Dean Marks-Gold with any questions you may have regarding experiential learning opportunities.

Study Abroad - Depending on your immigration status, there may be limits on your ability to travel abroad and return to the U.S.  DACA students may study abroad and return to the United States when granted advance parole, but students will need to plan ahead well in advance. Undocumented students may participate in off-campus study within the United States.  Contact Pat Martin, Director for Off-Campus Study, as soon as you are considering off-campus study.

Domestic Exchange Program - Students work with the Off-Campus Study Office for advising and apply through the Off-Campus Study program for these opportunities. Students receive full credit and receive their regular financial aid package. In addition to these opportunities, it is possible to petition to study in other locations.