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Course-Related Field Experiences

Student with back facing camera works with a child in the Chester Children's Chorus
  •  Certain courses include field experiences off-campus, some of which may require state-issued identification, state and federal clearances, or other documentation in order to participate. However, alternatives are often available for students who need them. Reach out to individual course professors — or ask a trusted advisor to do so — to determine requirements for participation and explore possible alternatives. 
  • All students, regardless of immigration status, are welcome to complete coursework toward teacher certification in the Department of Educational Studies. However, undocumented students (with or without DACA) are currently ineligible to apply for teacher certification in the state of Pennsylvania. See the Department's page on PA Teacher Certification for more information, including possible alternative pathways to teaching. 
  • Many volunteer opportunities that involve interaction with children or other vulnerable populations require federal clearances and government-issued identification, making them difficult for undocumented students to access. Undocumented students interested in volunteering should consider options that do not require such documentation, such as Learning for Life, the Chester Community Fellowships, the Chester Semester, or other opportunities that do not require Act 153 Clearances.