Learning for Life

Learning for Life - Roseanna, a student, and Tony, a staff member, working together in Sharples dining kitchen

Welcome! Learning for Life (L4L) is a voluntary mutual learning program comprised of student-staff-faculty partnerships. Partnerships design their own learning projects, which reflect their interests and expertise, and often result in lasting friendships. The program embodies the College's values of respect and social justice; all members of the community are responsible for our collective intellectual, ethical, social, and personal growth. Learning for Life strives for social justice within our own community. We seek to promote a campus environment founded on mutual respect, open communication, and equal access to learning spaces and resources for all members of the community.

L4L partnerships meet during several hours per week of the staff members' paid time, and work towards their personal learning goals. Partnerships explore computers, learn about physical fitness, study math, learn photography, host their own radio shows, and more! Through their adventures together, staff and students get to know each other and get to take advantage of the learning opportunities at Swarthmore.