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How do I sign up for Learning for Life? How do I contact my learning partner?

To sign up for Learning for Life, please contact any member of the Steering Committee. Or email a student leader, Francis Ge ( or Mick Li (

What kinds of skills are learning partnerships working on?

We now have people working on a lot of skills, such as computer skills, typing, piano lessons, Spanish, health care, photography, web design, creative writing, and drivers' education.

What kinds of resources are available to me and my learning partner?

There are a many resources available to you! You can make use of all areas of the college. Partnerships have used college computers, exercise facilities, library resources, and more!

Where are computers that I can use on campus?

The campus has installed even more public computers in various locations around campus: dorms, McCabe Library, Cornell Library, Beardsley, Trotter, CRC, Kohlberg language lab.

When and how often should my learning partner and I meet?

This varies with each partnership. Meeting time and location are agreed upon by the student and the staff member, usually between 1 and 2 days - 1 to 3 hours - per week.

How do I get a Swarthmore email account?

Take your campus I.D. over to the Beardsley help desk on the 1st floor. The computing center will give you a Swarthmore email account and network password.

What should my learning partner and I talk about in our first meeting?

This is a good question, because there is no certain format to follow. You should decide on a mutual interest to focus on through the semester. Get to know your partner's learning styles and personality.

What do I do if I don't know how to help my learning partner with a certain skill?

Remember that an important part of your partnership is to learn how to learn together. The staff or student coordinators have many resource available to them to help. Contact them, and they will meet with your partnership and help you out.

Who are the contact people for the program?

Everyone in the program is a contact. As you will find out, everyone helps each other depending on their skill level. Contact the Steering Committee for more information.


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