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Linguistics Tri-College Class of 2006

Andrew Abdalian, Swarthmore College

Why's that funny?? An extension to the semantic script theory of humor [PDF]

Joe Alberti, Swarthmore College

Deaf education in Italy: Formulating methods to increase literacy Among the Deaf population [PDF]

Kennette Banks, Swarthmore College

Storytelling and poetry in American Sign Language: Characteristics and implications

Charles Bell, Swarthmore College

Starts, stops, grunts and giggles: The anatomy of Instant Iessaging [PDF]

Jillian Best, Bryn Mawr College

What had happened: The story of AAVE's rocky relationship with American society [PDF]

Krista Buda, Haverford College

In the name of the German people: The political language of Konrad Adenauer & German-Jewish relations after World War II [PDF]

Eric Eisenberg, Swarthmore College

Beat generation: Utterance length and how it changes throughout conversation [PDF]

Jeremy Fahringer, Swarthmore College

Vaultese Falcon: An interlinear text archiving tool [PDF]

Sarah Hartman, Bryn Mawr College

Sound symbolism in Alaskan Athabascan languages [PDF]

Sarah Kelsall, Bryn Mawr College

Movement and location notation for American Sign Language [PDF]

Katharine Merow, Swarthmore College

Sonority contour preferences in Philippine languages [PDF]

Arpy Saunders, Swarthmore College

Linguistic phylogenetics of the Austronesian family: A performance review of methods adapted from biology [PDF]

Phoebe Seiders, Bryn Mawr College

Protons, electrons, and morae: Scientific vocabulary development in Japanese [PDF]

Rachel Shorey, Swarthmore College

Washo plural reduplication: A study of computational models [PDF]

Heather Simpson, Bryn Mawr College

Finding your train of thought--where it isn't supposed to be: Priming in non-contextual word substitutions [PDF]

Therese Skatun, Bryn Mawr College

Harry Potter fandom as an online speech community [PDF]

Luke Smith, Swarthmore College

Signs & sounds: Phonaesthematic association of Japanese mimetics using artificial neural networks [PDF]

Lisa Spitalewitz, Swarthmore College

How do you pronounce a ";"?: The repackaging of visual-textual pieces for the aural-oral medium [PDF]

Eri Tagaya, Haverford College

The cognitive effects of bilingualism: Language lateralization and problem solving [PDF]