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Phonetics Lab

Field Methods in Linguistics students use ultrasound imaging to identify articulatory features

Field Methods in Linguistics students and their consultant explore the articulatory features of Dzongkha with ultrasound.

 The Phonetics lab is used to record speech in a sound reduction booth and analyze the articulation of vowels and consonants using ultrasound imaging technology.  The lab supports teaching, student research, and faculty research.  The lab is located in Pearson 111.

wave-like acoustic baffles hang from the ceiling in Pearson 111

Interested in using the lab for linguistic research and recording?


Schedule a recording slot between 9am-9pm here.

Make sure to email your Linguistics professor or Jonathan Washington (jwashin1) at least 1 day business day before your appointment and include your ID number for OneCard access to the lab!

Not available during Winter or Summer breaks.


Get a user guide for the recording booth and audio equipment here. Equipment guides for the ultrasound machine and computers will be available soon.

Lab Repositories

Some public code repositories for the Phonetics lab:


Linguistics Phonetics Lab - ultrasound and computing equipment

Use the Phonetics lab to record and analyze the articulation of vowels and consonants using ultrasound imaging technology.

Ultrasound imaging equipment and computers used for imaging the vocal tract

Phonetics Lab contacts

Jonathan Washington

Associate Professor

On Leave - Academic Year



  1. Phone: (610) 957-6134
  2. Pearson Hall 111

Jeremy Fahringer ’06

Laboratory Technologist

Laboratory Instructor



  1. Phone: (610) 957-6131
  2. Pearson Hall 102
  3. Office Hours:

    Tuesday 10:30am-11:30am, Wednesday 11am-12pm