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The Linguistics Profession

  • Linguist List: A well-organized moderated mailing list for linguists. Also a good source for job listings.
  • Voices: A definitive resource of organizations, programs and centers in linguistics.
  • Linguistic Society of America: The professional organization for linguists in the U.S. Has job listings.

Linguistics Resources

SIL International: Linguistics in SIL focuses on researching undocumented minority languages, training field linguists, and providing resources to assist in linguistic data collection and analysis.

The Human Languages Page: The Human-Languages Page is a comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resources.

European Minority Languages: List of 'minoritized' languages in Europe and resources concerning these languages.

Ethnologue: Languages of the World.

Web of Online Dictionaries: An Index of On-Line Dictionaries.

Terralingua: Partnership for linguistics and biological diversity.

Aboriginal Languages of Australia: There are more than 200 Australian Indigenous languages, most of which have been destroyed; all the others are endangered. This web site has links to 104 resources for more than 30 of these languages.

Learning ASL: A site that offers courses in ASL interpretation.

Deaf Linx: Information on deafness, deaf culture, ASL and other related topics.

Deaf Websites: Online deaf web directory.