Lab Photos


Lab group meeting with our new collaborator, Professor Mamta Tahiliani from NYU Medical School.

Linda Lin '20 presenting her poster at the 2017 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in Phoenix, Arizona

The lab attends the Haverford Undergraduate Research Symposium.  Linda Lin '20 presented a talk, while Samantha Nyovanie, Allan Gao '19, Barrett Powell '18 and Deondre Jordan '19 presented posters. 

Former lab member, Thomas Ruan '16 (middle), visits and presents on his research work at Columbia University Medical Center

The table is set, the lab is seated! Time to eat!

Barrett, Sam, Linda, Liliya, Allan and Deondre prepare breakfast together to kick off Fall 2017

The lab attends 254th ACS National Meeting in August. Linda Lin '20, Allan Gao '19, Barrett Powell '18 and Deondre Jordan '19 presented posters. Barrett and Deondre also presented talks.

Celebrating the end of summer with a homemade 5-course dinner.

Last day of Summer Research.  Linda Lin '20,  Allan Gao '19, Barrett Powell '18, Liliya Yatsunyk, Samantha Nyovanie and Deondre Jordan '19. 

The lab enjoys some fresh air during a group meeting in March. Linda Lin '20, Irene Xiang '18, Liliya Yatsunyk, Barrett Powell '18, Allan Gao '19, and Deondre Jordan '19. 


The lab attends the fourth Philadelphia Inorganic Colloquium - PIC 4 in October. PIC-4 took place in Villanova. Everybody presented posters. Allan Gao '19, Deondre Jordan '19, Letitia Ho '19, Barrett Powell '18, and Liliya 

The lab attends 252nd ACS National Meeting in August 2016. Ian McGarvey, Maria Newport, Sayed Malawi '18, Deondre Jordan '19 and Liliya Yatsunyk. Barrett Powel '18 and Liliya presented talks and everybody else presented posters.

Liliya's kitchen is filled to capacity as the group cooks together for the end-of-semester dinner.

While waiting for the shuttle to the May 2016 TBIC meeting at Haverford College, the lab runs into College President Valerie Smith.

Liliya, Barrett, Alice, Deondre, and Sayed after the PIC-3 poster conference at the University of Delaware.

Liliya, Barrett, Alice, Deondre, and Sayed after the PIC-3 poster conference at the University of Delaware.


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