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Lab Members

Liliya A. Yatsunyk

Liliya Yatsunyk, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Swarthmore College

Associate Professor and Chair

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Science Center, room 286;  Phone 610-328-8558;

 Professor Yatsunyk's CV [pdf]


Current Group Members

Dana Beseiso '21

Dana Beseiso photo.

Dana majors in Biochemistry.

Erin Chen '23

Erin Chen Photo.

Erin is a Chemistry & Engineering double major.

Elizabeth Gallagher '23

Elizabeth Gallagher Picture.

Elizabeth is a Chemistry and Medical Anthropology double major on the pre-med track.

Kevin Li '22

Photo of Kevin Li in the Yatsunyk Lab Classroom.

Kevin Li is a Biochemistry Major & a Computer Science minor. 

Charlotte Pohl

Photo of Charlotte Pohl.

Charlotte is a Chemistry and Education Studies double major.

Sara Yun '23

Photo of Sara Yun in the Yatsunyk Lab Classroom.


Meet the former members of the Yatsunyk lab.