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Former Group Members

David Ye '23


Erin Chen '23


Paul Seth '23


Kevin Li '22



Charlotte Pohl '21

Charlotte Pohl, former research student, class of 2021

Charlotte joined the lab in Spring '21 and completed summer research.

Shawn Pfiel

Shawn Pfiel, Professor of Physics at West Chester University of PA

Shawn, a visiting Professor from West Chester, completed sabbatical work fall '21.

Elizabeth Gallagher '23


Sara Yun '23


Tamanaa Atrafi

Tamanaa joined the lab Spring '21 and also completed research over the summer.

Zahara Martinez

Zahara joined the lab Spring '21 and completed summer research with our group.

Dana Bessio

Dana majored in biochemistry.

Bryce Stanhope

Bryce Stanhope in Yatsunyk Lab photo.

Bryce is was our Research Assistant, beginning in October 2020.

Sawyer McCarthy

Sawyer McCarthy photo.

Sawyer was our Research Assistant from August 2019-September 2020. 

Linda (Yingqi) Lin '20

Linda Lin Photo.

Linda graduated with a Biochemistry and Computer Science double major. She now works as a research assistant at the Boston Children's Hospital.

Ariana Yett '21

Adriana Yett photo.

Ariana is a Course Major in Chemistry, Honors Major in Sociology / Anthropology 

Joanne Miao '22

Hyun Kyung Lee '21

Hyun Kyung Lee photo.

Hyun Kyung is Chemistry major and Physics minor.

Deondre Jordan '19

Deondre Jordan '19 photo.

Deondre graduated with a Chemistry major and Music minor. Currently he is in the post baccalaureate rogram at National Institutes of Health.

Samantha T. Nyovanie  

Samantha T. Nyovanie photo.

Sam was our Research Assistant. She came to us from Amherst College with a BA in Chemistry and an Honors Thesis in Inorganic Chemistry.  She is currently a graduate student at NYU in Biomedical Science. 

Barrett Powell '18

Barrett Powell photo.

Barrett was a Chemistry major and Engineering minor. Currently he is a graduate student at MIT.

Yanti Manurung '20  

Allan Gao '19

Allan Gao photo.

Allan is a research assistant at UPenn.

Irene Xiang '18

Irene Xiang photo


Letitia Ho '19

Letita Ho photo.


Sayed Malawi '18

Amber Sheth '18

Alice Liu '18

Delfin Gerard G. Buyco '17

Joo Hyun Lee '17

Jessica Chen  '17

Jessica Chen photo.

Jessica started in 2018 Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry program at Pennsylvania Dental Medicine.

Kara Bledsoe '16

Kara Bledsoe photo.

Masters in Library and Information Science with a special certificate in digital archives at the Pratt Institute, New York.

Mary Kuchenbrod '16

Thomas Ruan '16

Josh Turek-Herman '16

Josh Turek-Herman, Class of 2016, Swarthmore College

Postbac Cancer Research Training Award at the NCI-Frederick in Dr. Mikhail Kashlev's lab

Supriya Davis '15

Supriya Davis, Class of 2015, Swarthmore College

Med student at Duke University

2015-16 Fulbright Scholar—New Delhi, India

Cole Harbeck '15

Cole Harbeck, Class of 2015, Swarthmore College


Navin Sabharwal '14

Navin Sabharwal, Class of 2014, Swarthmore College

Med student, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

Michelle Ferreira '14

Michelle Ferreira in lab

Med student, Yale School of Medicine (ASC-SURF)

Steven P. Barrett '13

Steven P. Barrett, Class of 2013, Swarthmore College

PhD at Stanford University, Biochemistry (NSF Graduate Fellowship)

Vienna Tran '13

Vienna Tran, Class of 2013, Swarthmore College

Med student, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry​

Karan Ahluwalia '13

Karan Ahluwalia, Class of 2013, Swarthmore College

Med student at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Jack M. Nicoludis '12

Jack M. Nicoludis '12, PhD at Harvard University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

PhD at Harvard University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB), started Fall 2012

Rowen Jin '12

Rowen Jin '12

Med student at University of California, San Francisco

Amlan Bhattacharjee '11

Amlan Bhattacharjee '11, Med student at SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Med student at SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Erica Evans '11

Erica Evans '11, Salisbury University's accelerated nursing program

Salisbury University's accelerated nursing program.

David Kornfilt '09

Graduate Student, University of Illinois.

Scott Taylor '09

McMaster-Carr, analyst.

David Marquardt '08

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, technician.