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More Lab Photos


Navin and Michelle don lab coats before getting to work at the IECB, demonstarting both good lab safety and impeccable fashion.

Liliya, Navin, and Michelle enjoy a beautiful evening in downtown Bordeaux with Amina from the IECB.

Steven and Vienna are about to graduate. Congratulations!!!! Celebrating Steven's acceptance to Stanford.

Longing for the next TBIC meeting, Michelle visits Bryn Mawr College to do mass spec on newly-synthesized porphyrins with Ben Williams, a graduate student in Professor Burgmayer's lab.


Lab lunch at Renato's with Ale, a collaborator from the University of Catania in Sicily who visited the lab on September 15.

Lab members take advantage of the beautiful weather and hold group meeting outside, September 14.

Yatsunyk lab sporting fashionable propellor hats at the 244th National ACS meeting in Philadelphia, PA, August.

Michelle, Steven, Jack, Navin, and Vienna present their posters at the ACS conference, August.

Lab lunch in May, celebrating Jack's graduation and honors degree

Lab lunch in January, to celebrate submission of Jack's and Steven's NAR paper and Jack being accepted to MIT for graduate school


Lab lunch at the end of summer research

Our lab during summer

Lab party in May


Our lab during summer


Our lab during summer

ACS Conference, in August

Lab lunch, in August


Our brand new lab, summer 2007