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Click number (e.g. 001G) for a course description; click course title (e.g. 1st Year Seminar: China and the World: A History of Collecting) for a syllabus; or click a professor's name (e.g. Chen) for a profile of the professor.

NOTE: All courses numbered 011-099 have prerequisites: you must have taken an introductory history course here at Swarthmore (#001-010) OR have proof of an AP score of 4 or 5 or an IB score of 6 or 7 in history.

Distribution Requirements

First Year Seminars
Course # Title Taught By
001d 1st Year Seminar: China and the World: A History of Collecting Chen
001e 1st Year Seminar: Past & Present in Latin America: Problems & Researching Tools Armus
001f 1st Year Seminar: The Golden Age of Piracy Azfar
001g 1st Year Seminar: The Golden Age of Portability: The Silk Road [pdf] Chen
001h 1st Year Seminar: The Modern Jewish Experience [pdf] Weinberg
001j 1st Year Seminar: A New History of the Cold War Era [pdf] Murphy
001k 1st Year Seminar: Engendering Culture [pdf] Murphy
001l 1st Year Seminar: The History of Leisure and Play Burke
001m 1st Year Seminar: History of Food in America [pdf] A.Dorsey
001p 1st Year Seminar: Latin America and Latinos through the Lens: Photography, History, and the Present Armus
001q 1st Year Seminar: Angels of Death: Russia Under Lenin and Stalin [pdf] Weinberg
001r 1st Year Seminar: Remembering History [pdf] B.Dorsey
001s 1st Year Seminar: The American West A.Dorsey
001u 1st Year Seminar: Defining an "Us": Nationalism, Culture and Identity in Modern Europe Brown
001v First Year Seminar: History in the Making: Autocrats, Activists, and Artists in a Changing Middle East Shokr
001y 1st Year Seminar: The History of the Future [pdf] Burke
Survey Courses
Course # Title Taught By
002b Early Modern Europe [pdf] Azfar
003a Modern Europe, 1789 to 1918: Revolutionaries, Citizens, and Subjects in Europe's Long 19th Century Brown
003a Modern Europe, 1789-1918: The Age of Revolution and Counterrevolution [pdf] Weinberg
004 Latin American History [pdf] Armus
005a The United States to 1877 [pdf] B. Dorsey
005b The United States from 1877 to the Present [pdf] Murphy
006b The Modern Middle East Shokr
007a African American History, 1619 to 1865 A.Dorsey
007b African American History, 1865 to the Present A.Dorsey
008a West Africa in the Era of the Slave Trade, 1500 to 1850 Burke
008b Mfecane, Mines, and Mandela: Southern Africa from 1650 to the Present [pdf] Burke
008c History of East Africa Burke
009a Premodern China Chen
009b Modern China Chen
Upper Level Courses
Course # Title Taught By
021 London Beyond Control [pdf] Azfar
022 The Global Enlightenment: Cosmopolitanism between Theory and Practice [pdf] Azfar
023 Queer Enlightenment Azfar
025 Colonialism and Nationalism in the Middle East Shokr
026 Histories of Capitalism in the Middle East Shokr
027 Living with Total War: Europe, 1912-1923 [pdf] Weinberg
028 Aux Armes! History and Historiography of the French Revolution Brown
030 Glory Days? Western Europe's Postwar 1945-1975 Brown
033 Environmental History of the Soviet Union Weinberg
035 The Modern Jewish Experience [pdf] Weinberg
037 History and Memory: Perspectives on the Holocaust [pdf] Weinberg
038 Russia in the 20th Century [pdf] Weinberg
039 Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Russia after the Collapse of Communism [pdf] Weinberg
041 The American Colonies B.Dorsey
042 The American Revolution B.Dorsey
043 Antislavery in America [pdf] B.Dorsey
044 American Popular Culture B.Dorsey
045 The United States Since 1945 [pdf] Murphy
046 The American Civil War [pdf] B. Dorsey
049 Race and Foreign Affairs [pdf] Murphy
050 The Making of the American Working Class [pdf] Murphy
051 Black Reconstruction A.Dorsey
052 History of Manhood in America [pdf] B. Dorsey
053 Black Women in the Civil Rights Movement A.Dorsey
056 The Modern American West, 1850 to the Present A.Dorsey
057 History v. Hollywood A.Dorsey
058 Africa in America: Gullah/Geechee Life and Culture A.Dorsey
059 The Black Freedom Struggle: Civil Rights to Hip Hop A.Dorsey
060 The East India Company, 1600-1857 [pdf] Azfar
061b Strange Flows: The Indus and the Ganges Azfar
062 History of Reading Burke
063 Voices of the Past: Between Oral History and Memory [pdf] Armus
065 Cities of (Im)migrants: Buenos Aires, Lima, Miami, New York [pdf] Armus
066 Disease, Culture and Society in the Modern World: Comparative Perspectives [pdf] Armus
067 Digging Through the National Security Archive: South American "Dirty Wars" and the United States' Involvement [pdf] Armus
068 The Self-Image of Latin America: Past, Present, and Future Armus
073 Writing China, Picturing Chineseness Chen
074 The Consuming Passions: Visual and Material Cultures of East Asia Chen
075 Thinking Hands: Work and Craft in Premodern China Chen
076 Women's Work in Premodern China Chen
077 Fashion: Theory and History [pdf] Chen
078 China, Capitalism, and Their Critics Chen
080 History of the Body [pdf] Azfar
081 The History of Food in the Modern Era A.Dorsey
082 Cultural Histories of Digital Media [pdf] Burke
083 What Ifs and Might-Have-Beens: Counterfactual Histories [pdf] Burke
084 Modern Addiction: Cigarette Smoking in the 20th Century [pdf] Armus
089 The Environmental History of Africa Burke
090b Irish History [pdf] Murphy
090e On the Other Side of the Tracks: Black Urban Community A.Dorsey
090h Africans Explore/Africa Explored Burke
090i Technologies of the Cold War in Africa Burke
090l History vs. Hollywood A.Dorsey
090q The Queer Theory of Empire Azfar
091 Senior Research Seminar [pdf] Azfar & Burke
Honors Seminars
Course # Title Taught By
116 European Intellectual History: Pathways to The Enlightenment Azfar
128 Russia in the 19th & 20th Centuries Weinberg
130 Early America in the Atlantic World B. Dorsey
131 Gender & Sexuality in America B. Dorsey
134 U.S. Political and Diplomatic History II: The Rise of Globalism Murphy
135 Labor and Urban History [pdf] Murphy
137 Slavery, 1550 to 1865 A.Dorsey
140 The Colonial Encounter in Africa Burke
145 Women and Gender in Chinese History Chen
149 Reforms and Revolutions in Modern Latin America Armus
Retired Courses
Course # Title Taught By
001a 1st Year Seminar: The Barbarian North [pdf] Bensch
001b 1st Year Seminar: Radicals and Reformers in America B. Dorsey
001b 1st Year Seminar: Human Rights as History Azfar
001c 1st Year Seminar: Sex & Gender in Western Tradition Judson
001d 1st Year Seminar: Religion and Social Change in the U.S. Lee
001e 1st Year Seminar: The Self Image of Latin America: Past, Present and Future Armus
001f 1st Year Seminar: "Foreigners" in the Middle East Minkin
001n 1st Year Seminar: Oil and Empire Bsheer
001t 1st Year Seminar: Cross & Crescent: Muslim-Christian Relations in Historical Perspective [pdf] Bensch
001u 1st Year Seminar: The Making of the Atlantic World [pdf] DuPlessis
001v 1st Year Seminar: Witches, Witchcraft, and Witchhunts [pdf] DuPlessis
001x 1st Year Seminar: Crime and Punishment in America Murphy
001z 1st Year Seminar: The European Metropolis: Topics in Urban History Bisno
002a Medieval Europe [pdf] Bensch
002b Early Modern Europe [pdf] DuPlessis
003a Modern Europe, 1789 to 1918: The Age of Revolution and Counterrevolution [pdf] Bisno
003a Modern Europe, 1789 to 1918: The Age of Revolution and Counterrevolution [pdf] Hazanov
003b Modern Europe, 1890 to the Present: The Age of Democracy and Dictatorship Bisno
004 Latin American History Machuca-Gálvez
004b History of Latinos/as in the United States [pdf] Echeverría
006a The Formation of the Islamic Near East [pdf] Bensch
006b The Modern Middle East [pdf] Minkin
006b The Modern Middle East Bsheer
008c From Leopold to Kabila: Central Africa's Bad 20th Century Burke
009a Chinese Civilization Li
009b Modern China Altan
009b Modern China Li
009c The Silk Road: China, Central Asia, India, and Iran Li & Dale
012 Chivalric Society: Knights, Ladies, and Peasants [pdf] Bensch
013 "Foreigners" in the Middle East Minkin
014 Friars, Heretics, and Female Mystics: Religious Turmoil in the Middle Ages[pdf] Bensch
015 Classical Rome to Renaissance Florence: The Making of Urban Europe [pdf] Bensch
016 Sex, Sin and Kin in Early Europe [pdf] Bensch
017 Social Movements in the Arab World Bsheer
017 A Cultural History of the Modern Middle East Minkin
018 Cities of the Middle East Minkin
019 Italian Renaissance [pdf] DuPlessis
020 The History of Current Events in the Middle East Minkin
024 Transitions to Capitalism [pdf] DuPlessis
025 Colonialism and Nationalism in the Arab Middle East Minkin
026 History of Modern Egypt Minkin
027 Living with Total War: Europe, 1912-1923 [pdf] Judson
028 Nations and Nationalism in Eastern Europe, 1848 to 1998 [pdf] Judson
029 Sexuality and Society in Europe [pdf] Judson
031 Revolutionary Iconoclasm: Tearing Down the Old, Building the New [pdf] Weinberg
033 Post Stalinist Russia Weinberg
034 Antisemitism Through the Ages [pdf] Weinberg
036 Modern Germany [pdf] Judson
039 The Russian City as a Site of Tradition and Modernity Weinberg
040 Native American History [pdf] DuPlessis
044 American Popular Culture [pdf] Mackintosh
047 The Politics of Education: Class and Race in Urban America, 1954-1996 [pdf] Murphy
048 Murder in a Mill Town: A Window on Social Change During the Early Republic [pdf] B. Dorsey
054 Women, Society, and Politics Murphy
055 Social Movements in the 20th Century Murphy
061 Histories of Water [pdf] Azfar & Cho
061 The Production of History Burke
063s Swarthmore Between Oral History and Memory Armus
064 Migrants and Migrations: Europeans and Asians in Latin America and Latinos in the United States [pdf] Armus
065 Past and Present in the Andean World Armus
067 Peripheral Modernities: Latin American Cities in the 20th Century Armus
070 History of the Caribbean [pdf] DuPlessis
075 Modern Japan Li
077 Orientalism East and West Li
078 Beijing and Shanghai: Tale of Two Cities Li
079 Women, Family, and the State in China Li
080 The Whole Enchilada: Debates in World History Burke
086 The Image of Africa Burke
087 Development and Modern Africa: Historical Perspectives Burke
088 The Social History of Consumption Burke
090a Image and Identity: U.S. Latinos/as in Film and Fiction Echeverría
090c Women in Late Imperial and Republican China Altan
090c Bad Research & Information Heresies Burke & Buurma
090d A Global History of Chinese Labor Altan
090f Fascism: History and Interpretation Bisno
090g Black Liberation 1969 A.Dorsey
090j INTP Capstone: Rituals of Violence Blanchard & Burke
090j INTP Capstone: Discipline + Culture (Cross-listed as ENGL 086 and INTP 091) Azfar & Buurma
090k Consumer Culture in Modern European History Bisno
111 Muslims, Christians, and Jews in The Medieval Mediterranean Bensch
116 Italian Renaissance DuPlessis
117 State and Society in Early Modern Europe DuPlessis
125 Fascist Europe [pdf] Judson
138 Black Communities in the United States, 1800 to 2000 A.Dorsey
144 State and Society in China, 1750-2000 Li
148 Issues and Debates in Modern Latin America Armus