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Robert DuPlessis

Isaac H. Clothier Professor Emeritus of History and International Relations



  2. Phone: (610) 328-8131
  3. Parrish North 374
Professor Emeritus Robert DuPlessis

Robert DuPlessis taught a variety of general and specialized courses and seminars on Europe and the Atlantic world between the fifteenth and the late eighteenth centuries. Among them are offerings on the Italian Renaissance, witchcraft and witch crazes, the rise of capitalist economies, varieties of political development, the cultures and societies of the Atlantic basin, and a survey of early modern Europe.

Among his recent publications are books on the textile industries of central Italy and on the economic history of Europe, as well as articles on the emergence of new patterns of consumption in the Atlantic world, on the French overseas empire during the Ancien Régime, and on the advent of modern concepts of capital. His current research concerns cultural and economic exchange across the Atlantic world (Africa, the Americas, Europe) during the first era of globalization from the sixteenth-century age of exploration to the industrial revolutions of the late eighteenth century.