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Beik & DuPlessis Prizes

Beik and DuPlessis award winners through the years since 2020
Student Paper Title Year Award
He '21, Houyi The Making of The Unwalled Beijing: Revolutionaries and Legacy Infrastructures (1949-1959) 2021 DuPlessis Prize
Mondragón '21, Sierra Confronting Colonial Violence: Pueblo Women Using Indigenous History for Community Activism and Healing 2021 Beik Prize
Wagner '21, Samantha Strange Fruit on the Iron Range: Myth and Memory of a Northern Lynching 2021 Beik Prize
Abruzzo '20, Annie “Unspoken Understanding”: The Evolution of Chinese American Adoption Communities 2020 DuPlessis Prize
Naiman '20, Eleanor Hobbs Positive Women: Emotion, Memory, and the Power of Narrative in Women Organized to Respond to Life-Threatening Diseases, 1991-2020 2020 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Porras Payea '20, September Una Iglesia Desaparecida: The End of an Era for the Chilean Catholic Church 2020 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Caldwell '19, Naomi The Making of the Early 21st Century Smoker: Translating the Global Anti-Tobacco Agenda to Argentine Landscapes, 2000-2018 2019 Beik Prize
Jin '19, Alex Crossing the Century: Cross-Dressing in Turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century San Francisco 2019 DuPlessis Prize
Decker '18, Philip Jiu-Jitsu Socialism: Dean Reed and the Cultural Revolution in East Germany 2018 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Kassan '18, Max Baseball and Masculinity During the Reagan Era 2018 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Wallace-Lee '17, James Slavery and Justice in the Free North: New York's Black Activists, 1831-1841 2017 Beik Prize
Gagnon '17, John Towards a New Social Order: The Macedonia Cooperative Community and The Cooperative Movement in the U.S. South 2017 DuPlessis Prize
Petchenik '16, Molly The Tale of a Tour: Solomon Mikhoels, Itzik Fefer, and the Soviet Encounter with American Jewry 2016 Beik Prize
Berger '16, Rachel Portending Mass Incarceration: Race, Modernity, and Rehabilitation at Eastern State Penitentiary After WWII 2016 DuPlessis Prize
DiPierro '15, Amy Times of Polio: The 1956 Epidemic in Buenos Aires 2015 Beik Prize
Tinsley '15, Treasure The Mother Citizen and the Absent Father: Gender Roles and the Family in Early Bolshevik Posters 2015 DuPlessis Prize
Hazel '14, Steven Accounting for Heroes: Violence and Virtue During the Great War, 1914-1918 2014 Beik Prize
Roseberry-Polier '14, Alison Critical Politics in a Neoliberal Institution: Gay and Lesbian Organizing at Swarthmore College, 1988-1993 2014 DuPlessis Prize
Goossen '13, Ben Into A Great Nation: Mennonites and Nationalism in Imperial Germany, 1871-1900 2013 Beik Prize
Ranshous '13, Allison "This Little City": Constructed Colonialism at the 1922 Colonial Exposition of Marseille 2013 DuPlessis Prize (co-winner)
Sills '13, Alejandro The Writings of John of Damascus During the First Iconoclast Controversy 2013 DuPlessis Prize (co-winner)
Williams '12, Madeline " A Good Time A'Soldiering": Passing Women, Female Masculinity, and the History of Female Soldiers in the American Civil War 2012 Beik Prize
Nagle '12, Jeff A Fig For Your Philosophy and Great Knowledge in the Sciences: Observation, Deception, Scientific Fraud and Social Authority in the Antebellum Museum 2012 DuPlessis Prize (co-winner)
Pomerantz '12, Ari Shule Ya Uhuru: The "Modern Strivers" and D.C.'s Eastern High School Freedom Annex 2012 DuPlessis Prize (co-winner)
Hock '11, Isaac Accidental Liberalism: Empire and Administration in the Mid-Nineteenth Century 2011 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Rich '11, Miriam Civilized Pains: Race, Gender, & Obstetric Anesthesia in the Nineteenth-Century United States 2011 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Troiano '11, Ashia The Role of Work in African American Children's Literature from 1965 to 1979 2011 DuPlessis Prize
Katz '10, Liana Avec Cette Malheureuse Carte D: The Language of Identification in Post-World War One Alsace 2010 Beik Prize
Agresta '09, Abigail N. Personlizing Salvation: Pious Choices in Castelló d'Empúries, 1286-1363 2009 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Ifft '09, Sarah Women and Family in the Medieval Jewish Community of Castelló d'Empúries, 1260-1300 2009 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Hopkins '09, Ben On the Border: Race and Slavery in Bedford County, Pennsylvania 2009 History 91 Prize
Bradlow '08, Benjamin " Laughing Just to Keep From Crying": Time, Culture and Authenticity in the Early Recording Industry for Southern Music 2008 Beik Prize
Sweigard '08, Eric A Bleached Blueprint: Planning for Integration in Columbia, MD 2008 History 91 Prize
White '08, Glenavin Light a Sacred Fire: The Feminism and Nationalism of Sarojini Naidu 2008 History 91 Prize
Chamblee '07, Katie Desegregation Diluted: Integration Under the Busing Order in Charlotte, North Carolina, 1965-2001 2007 Beik Prize
Pilkington '07, James Bringing the Fight to the Diamond: The Pythian Base Ball Club and the Struggle for Racial Equality 2007 History 91 Prize
Ubelaker-Andrade '06, Lisa A Good Neighbor in Print: Politics, Propaganda, and the Consumption of Selecciones del Reader's Digest in Buenos Aires (1940-1960) 2006 Beik Prize
Tredeau '06, Emily Remembering Frank Rizzo and Constructing Philadelphia's Public Heritage 2006 History 91 Prize
Miller '05, Lulu The Troubles By Our Women: The Urban Male Perspective on Independent Women in Independent Nigeria 2005 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Oppenheimer '05, Elisabeth America's First Public Library: The Library Company of Philadelphia, 1929-1966 2005 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Cravens '04, Amanda From Mountain Homeland to National Playground: A History of Perceptions of Landscape in Estes Park, Colorado 2004 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Montgomery '04, Mariah " For it is not light that is needed, but fire": Race, Riot and Citizenship in Philadelphia, 1834-1844 2004 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Corinealdi '02, Kaysha Black Organizing in 20th Century Panama: Combating Internal and External Challenges 2002 Beik Prize
Stewart-Winter '01, Timothy Manning the Home Front: Gender, Citizenship, and Conscientious Objection During World War II 2001 Beik Prize
Mackintosh '00, Will Wilderness Scenery and the Theater of Gender: Middle-Class Vacations in Adirondacks in the Late Nineteenth Century 2000 Beik Prize
Harbour '99, Jessica Creating Chinese Nationalism: The 1905 Shanghai Mixed Court Riot 1999 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Kinney '99, Andrew A Community History of Black Swarthmore 1999 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Tsu '98, Cecilia Protestant Missionary Ideology and the Chinese in Nineteenth-Century California 1998 Beik Prize
Swingen '97, Abigail Negotiating Identity: British Education in India in the Nineteenth Century 1997 Beik Prize
Zeitz `96, Joshua Equality of Man Before His Creator: The Life and Career of Thaddeus Stevens 1996 Beik Prize
Elmore `95, Andrew Revolution in a Royalist City: Negotiating Radicalism and Legitimacy in Orléans from 1789 to 1848 1995 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Maloney `95, Elizabeth Prostitution, Protestantism and Prohibition: Josephine Butler and the Contagious Diseases Acts 1995 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Birdsall '94, Karen The Rewriting of History in the Former Soviet Union: Changing Portrayals of Stalin in Perestroika-Era Textbooks 1994 Beik Prize
McKee '93, Guian A. A Pattern of Conflict: Government-Business Interaction in the Delaware River Shipbuilding Industry During the First World War and the 1920s 1993 Beik Prize
Connors '92, Joey S. The Whys of Watts: Causes of the Los Angeles Riot 1992 Beik Prize
Hester '91, Laurel A History of Claude Bernard's Effect on, and Relationship to the Philosophy and Methodology of Biology: A Feminist Critique 1991 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Miller '91, Edward Radical Student Activism and the Streams of Liberalism: The Rise of the New Left of Swarthmore College 1960-1967 1991 Beik Prize (co-winner)
Weyhrich '90, Darin L. Ultra and the Historiography of the Second World War 1990 Beik Prize
Silverberg '89, Beth "Hushed Voices": A Study of Incest and "Childsaving" in Gilded Age Philadelphia 1989 Beik Prize
Haag '88, Pamela " The Society of Real Sports": Prostitutes, Working Women and Progressive Social Reform in Baltimore, 1900-1915 1988 Beik Prize
Schutte '86, David L. The McMillan Commission: A Comprehensive Plan for the Nation's Capital 1986 Beik Prize
Sielman '85, Rebecca A. For Whom Was Medicare Created? 1985 Beik Prize