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Beik & DuPlessis Prizes


Student Paper Title Award
Naomi Caldwell '19

"The Making of the Early 21st Century Smoker: Translating the Global Anti-Tobacco Agenda to Argentine Landscapes, 2000-2018"

Beik Prize
Alex Jin '19 "Crossing the Century: Cross-Dressing in Turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century San Francisco" DuPlessis Prize
Student Paper Title Award
Philip Decker '18 "Jiu-Jitsu Socialism: Dean Reed and the Cultural Revolution in East Germany" Beik Prize
Max Kassan '18 "Baseball and Masculinity During the Reagan Era"


Student Paper Title Award
James Wallace-Lee '17 "Slavery and Justice in the Free North: New York's Black Activists, 1831-1841" Beik Prize
John Gagnon '17 "Towards a New Social Order: The Macedonia Cooperative Community and The Cooperative Movement in the U.S. South" DuPlessis Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Molly Petchenik '16 "The Tale of a Tour: Solomon Mikhoels, Itzik Fefer, and the Soviet Encounter with American Jewry" Beik Prize
Rachel Berger '16 "Portending Mass Incarceration: Race, Modernity, and Rehabilitation at Eastern State Penitentiary After WWII" DuPlessis Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Amy DiPierro '15 "Times of Polio: The 1956 Epidemic in Buenos Aires" Beik Prize
Treasure Tinsley '15 "The Mother Citizen and the Absent Father: Gender Roles and the Family in Early Bolshevik Posters" DuPlessis Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Steven Hazel '14 "Accounting for Heroes: Violence and Virtue During the Great War, 1914-1918" Beik Prize
Alison Roseberry-Polier '14 "Critical Politics in a Neoliberal Institution: Gay and Lesbian Organizing at Swarthmore College, 1988-1993" DuPlessis Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Ben Goossen '13 "Into A Great Nation: Mennonites and Nationalism in Imperial Germany, 1871-1900" Beik Prize
Allison Ranshous '13 " 'This Little City': Constructed Colonialism at the 1922 Colonial Exposition of Marseille" DuPlessis Prize
Alejandro Sills '13 "The Writings of John of Damascus During the First Iconoclast Controversy"


Student Paper Title Award
Madeline Williams '12 " 'A Good Time A'Soldiering': Passing Women, Female Masculinity, and the History of Female Soldiers in the American Civil War" Beik Prize
Jeff Nagle '12 "A Fig For Your Philosophy and Great Knowledge in the Sciences: Observation, Deception, Scientific Fraud and Social Authority in the Antebellum Museum" DuPlessis Prize
Ari Pomerantz '12 "Shule Ya Uhuru: The 'Modern Strivers' and D.C.'s Eastern High School Freedom Annex"


Student Paper Title Award
Isaac Hock '11 "Accidental Liberalism: Empire and Administration in the Mid-Nineteenth Century" Beik Prize
Miriam Rich '11 "Civilized Pains: Race, Gender, & Obstetric Anesthesia in the Nineteenth-Century United States"
Ashia Troiano '11 "The Role of Work in African American Children's Literature from 1965 to 1979" DuPlessis Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Liana Katz '10 "Avec Cette Malheureuse Carte D: The Language of Identification in Post-World War One Alsace" Beik Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Abigail N. Agresta '09 "Personlizing Salvation: Pious Choices in Castelló d'Empúries, 1286-1363" Beik Prize
Sarah Ifft '09 "Women and Family in the Medieval Jewish Community of Castelló d'Empúries, 1260-1300"
Ben Hopkins '09 "On the Border: Race and Slavery in Bedford County, Pennsylvania" History 91 Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Benjamin Bradlow '08 " 'Laughing Just to Keep From Crying': Time, Culture and Authenticity in the Early Recording Industry for Southern Music" Beik Prize
Eric Sweigard '08 "A Bleached Blueprint: Planning for Integration in Columbia, MD" History 91 Prize
Glenavin White '08 "Light a Sacred Fire: The Feminism and Nationalism of Sarojini Naidu"


Student Paper Title Award
Katie Chamblee '07 "Desegregation Diluted: Integration Under the Busing Order in Charlotte, North Carolina, 1965-2001" Beik Prize
James Pilkington '07 "Bringing the Fight to the Diamond: The Pythian Base Ball Club and the Struggle for Racial Equality" History 91 Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Lisa Ubelaker-Andrade '06 "A Good Neighbor in Print: Politics, Propaganda, and the Consumption of Selecciones del Reader's Digest in Buenos Aires (1940-1960)" Beik Prize
Emily Tredeau '06 "Remembering Frank Rizzo and Constructing Philadelphia's Public Heritage" History 91 Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Lulu Miller '05 "The Troubles By Our Women: The Urban Male Perspective on Independent Women in Independent Nigeria" Beik Prize
Elisabeth Oppenheimer '05 "America's First Public Library: The Library Company of Philadelphia, 1929-1966"


Student Paper Title Award
Amanda Cravens '04 "From Mountain Homeland to National Playground: A History of Perceptions of Landscape in Estes Park, Colorado" Beik Prize
Mariah Montgomery '04 " 'For it is not light that is needed, but fire': Race, Riot and Citizenship in Philadelphia, 1834-1844"


Student Paper Title Award
Kaysha Corinealdi '02 "Black Organizing in 20th Century Panama: Combating Internal and External Challenges" Beik Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Timothy Stewart-Winter '01 "Manning the Home Front: Gender, Citizenship, and Conscientious Objection During World War II" Beik Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Will Mackintosh '00 "Wilderness Scenery and the Theater of Gender: Middle-Class Vacations in Adirondacks in the Late Nineteenth Century" Beik Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Jessica Harbour '99 "Creating Chinese Nationalism: The 1905 Shanghai Mixed Court Riot" Beik Prize
Andrew Kinney '99 "A Community History of Black Swarthmore"


Student Paper Title Award
Cecilia Tsu '98 "Protestant Missionary Ideology and the Chinese in Nineteenth-Century California" Beik Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Abigail Swingen '97 "Negotiating Identity: British Education in India in the Nineteenth Century" Beik Prize
Joshua Zeitz `96 "Equality of Man Before His Creator: The Life and Career of Thaddeus Stevens"


Student Paper Title Award
Andrew Elmore `95 "Revolution in a Royalist City: Negotiating Radicalism and Legitimacy in Orléans from 1789 to 1848" Beik Prize
Elizabeth Maloney `95 "Prostitution, Protestantism and Prohibition: Josephine Butler and the Contagious Diseases Acts"


Student Paper Title Award
Karen Birdsall '94 "The Rewriting of History in the Former Soviet Union: Changing Portrayals of Stalin in Perestroika-Era Textbooks" Beik Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Guian A. McKee '93 "A Pattern of Conflict: Government-Business Interaction in the Delaware River Shipbuilding Industry During the First World War and the 1920s" Beik Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Joey S. Connors '92 "The Whys of Watts: Causes of the Los Angeles Riot" Beik Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Laurel Hester '91 "A History of Claude Bernard's Effect on, and Relationship to the Philosophy and Methodology of Biology: A Feminist Critique"" Beik Prize
Edward Miller '91 "Radical Student Activism and the Streams of Liberalism: The Rise of the New Left of Swarthmore College 1960-1967"


Student Paper Title Award
Darin L. Weyhrich '90 "Ultra and the Historiography of the Second World War" Beik Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Beth Silverberg '89 "Hushed Voices": A Study of Incest and 'Childsaving' in Gilded Age Philadelphia Beik Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Pamela Haag '88 " 'The Society of Real Sports': Prostitutes, Working Women and Progressive Social Reform in Baltimore, 1900-1915" Beik Prize


Student Paper Title Award
David L. Schutte '86 "The McMillan Commission: A Comprehensive Plan for the Nation's Capital" Beik Prize


Student Paper Title Award
Rebecca A. Sielman '85 "For Whom Was Medicare Created?" Beik Prize