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Oversight Committee for Events and Programs


The purpose of this committee is to review policies and procedures concerning programs and events that occur on Swarthmore’s campus.  


The scope of this committee is to establish best practices, opportunities, resources, communication strategies, and safety measures for all events and programs on campus, and to provide transparency about these items. The committee is comprised of representatives from advancement, athletics, campus services, communications, dean’s office, events management, facilities/grounds,  general counsel, LPAC, Lang music, provost's office, and president's office. These departments have been selected so that they may offer their expertise in their functional area(s), provide guidance on college policy and procedures and represent the needs of faculty, staff and students.

Committee Members

Convenor: Susan Eagar, Events Management  

Mark Anskis, Communications

Anthony Coschignano, Campus Services

Kim Fremont, Provost Office

Rachel Head, Dean’s Office

Mike Hill, Public Safety

Jenny Honig, Lang Music 

Jeff Jabco, Grounds

Jim Murphy, LPAC

Beth Pitts, General Counsel


 If you have any questions about the committee or would like to share your input, please contact for more information.