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SwatCS Senior Poster Session

CS Senior Major Poster Session Best Poster Award Winners: Martina Costagliola, Zoe Junghans, Michael Piazza, Tahmid Rahman.

CS Senior Major Poster Session Best Poster Award Winners: Martina Costagliola, Zoe Junghans, Michael Piazza, Tahmid Rahman.

The CS department thanks our senior CS majors for a very successful, informative and lively first ever CS senior majors poster session!

The faculty were very pleased with how many well designed posters and well presented poster presentations were delivered over the two evenings. It made selecting the top poster/presentations difficult, but we are thrilled to have that type of difficulty.

We hope all of you will join the CS faculty in congratulating this year's top poster/presentation award recipients:

  • Martina Costagliola: A Novel Approach to Articulatory Speech Synthesis
  • Zoe Junghans: Particle System Simulation of Water Molecules
  • Michael Piazza: Using Genetic Algorithms to Train an ANN to Hunt
  • Tahmid Rahman: Parallelizing DP Solutions to LCS

​Zoe Junghans is this year's winner of the most outstanding poster/presentation award.