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Student Advisory Council to the CS Dept (SACCS)

What is SACCS:
SACCS members serve as liaisons between the CS faculty and CS students  (including any student enrolled in a CS class as well as CS majors and minors).  SACCS members are a point of contact for students in the CS department to raise issues and to suggest ideas for improving the department.  
How to Contact SACCS:
You may contact individual members of SACCS in person or via email. Additionally, you can use the following email address to contact all eight SACCS members via email:
Who are SACCS:
There are two SACCS members from each graduating class. 
Current SACCS members (2021-22):
  • Ghazi Randhawa and Sidhika Tripathee (class of 2022)
  • Asha Bhuiyan, Alison Kim,  and Tarang Saluja (class of 2023)
  • Nelson Dufitimana and Nicole Nair (class of 2024)

  • Alison Kim  and Theron Mansilla (class of 2023)
  • Bill Dengler and Sidhika Tripathee (class of 2022)
  • Adriana Knight and Richmond Mensah (class of 2021)
  • Alison Kim and Xavier Serrano (class of 2023)
  • Rachel Choe and Bill Dengler (class of 2022)
  • Adriana Knight and Daniel Quintans (class of 2021)
  • Jonah Langlieb and Cassandra Stone (class of 2020)