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CS Students at ICPC Mid-Atlantic Regional

CS Students at ICPC

Professor Brody, Henry, Barkat, and Muhammad

In November 2018, two teams of Swarthmore CS students competed in the
Mid-Atlantic Regional for the  International Collegiate Programming Contest
at Washington College
.  Kei Imada, Hunter Hughes, and Hari Srinivasulu
solved five problems, finished second at the site and tied for 15th out of
182 teams in the region.  Henry Wang, Barkat Sidker, and Muhammad Ghazi
Randhawa solved all eight problems, finishing first at the site and 3rd
over all!

Usually, the top three teams qualify for the ICPC world finals.
Unfortunately, our region received only two invites this year, so
Henry/Barkat/Muhammad just missed out.  However, based on their stellar
performance, they were invited to compete in the North American
held March 2 2019 in Chicago.  Here they solved 5/12 problems and
finished 13 out of 38 teams.