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2019 International Collegiate Programming Competition

comp sci programming teams

Three Swarthmore teams recently competed in the regional qualifiers of the
International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC) at James Madison
University on November 9, and one of our teams won!  Jay Leeds, Timothy
, and Henry Wang solved all eight problems, finishing first out of 159
.  As a result, they've qualified both for the ICPC North American
Championships in February and the 2020 ICPC World Finals in Moscow next

ICPC champions picture

Swarthmore Computer Science students: Jay Leeds, Timothy Mou, and Henry Wang

Two other Swarthmore teams competed and also did well.  Fefa Sampaio
, Danielle Rosetti Dos Santos, and Jasiel Lopez Juarez solved four
problems, and William Ball and Kaidan Fullerton solved three problems as a
two-person team.

The ICPC is a five-hour competition testing students' skills in
programming, problem-solving, and algorithmic thinking.